Cashbeat Diskografie

Cashbeat war ein Ableger von What's So Funny About... der sich auf Industrial und andere elektronische Musik spezialisiert hatte. Die meisten Veröffentlichungen gab es 1988/1989, danach tröpfelte das Programm bis 1997 aus...


CB 01/12"/1988
KMFDM "Don't Blow Your Top"
Don't Blow Your Top/Disgust//
CB 02/12"/1988
Andy Giorbino "The Art Of Letting Go"
The Art Of Letting Go//
I Love You I Hate You (Special Mix)/61 Bars (Special Mix)
CB 03/LP/1988
Wasch "Metal Goes Mountain"
Body Running Fast/Holy Places/Heartbeat/Homo Superior//
Cocaine/Love/Destroy/You Gotta Move
CB 04/12"/1988
2-Kut "Rock That!"
Rock That/Rock This
CB 05/LP/1988
KMFDM "Don't Blow Your Top"
No Meat - No Man/Don't Blow Your Top/Disgust/Oh Look/King Kong Dub Rubber Mix//
Killing/What A Race/No News/Oh Look II
CB 06/12"/1988
Kings Of Crisis "Berlinhouse"
Berlin House/King Of Crisis (Cut The President)//
King Of Crisis (Acid Broiler Mix)
CB 07/12"/1988
T.O.S.O. "Sex Goddess (Remix)"
Sex Goddess//
I Can't Stand Myself/Villon
CB 08/12"/1988
Tommy T. "Kaiser Of Rap"
Kaiser Rap/Audience At The Kaiser`s//
Audience (Mescal Hop Mix)
CB 09/12"/1989
2-Kut "Beat Boy"
Beat Boy (Club Side)/Beat Boy (Radio Side)
CB 10/12"/1989
KMFDM "More & Faster"
Rip the System/More and Faster//
Naff Off
CB 11/LP, CD/1989
Pankow "Gisela"
I'm Lost, Little Girl/Warm Leatherette/Die Beine Von Dolores/Let Me Be Stalin/Pankow's Rotkäppchen//
Me & My Ding Dong/Happy As The Horses Shite/Deutsches Bier/Madness (Danke Gisela)/Follow Me In Suicide
CB 12 (CD)/LP, CD/1989
Murder/UAIOE/Loving Can Be An Art (Saturation Mix)/More & Faster 243/Rip The System (Duck & Cover Mix)//
Trash Up!/En Esch/Ganja Rock/Thumb Thumb
CD bonus tracks: Rip The System/More & Faster/Naff Off
CB 13/12"/1989
KMFDM "Virus"
Virus/M + F 244 (High & Geil)
CB 14/12"/1989
Me and my Ding Dong (Stretchedited)/Germany Is Burning
CB 15/LP, CD/1990
Pankow "Omne Animal Triste Post Coitum"
Warm Leatherette/Nice Bottom/Deutsches Bier/Happy As The Horses/Shite/Me & My Ding-Dong//
David In The Heater/I'm Lost, Little Girl/Let Me Be Stalin/Wodka!/Der Mussolini//
CD bonus tracks: In Heaven/Omne Animal Triste Post Coitum/Let's Go Crazy
CB 16/CD/1991
Naomi N'uru "Too Poor For Payola"
Check it out/N'Uru's war/The red thread/Violent Willy/Blood & time/Erocenter of rhythm/New prayer/J.O.T.W.L.T./Saddam special/Bloodthirsty/Rapeman/Androids need love 2/Goddess of love
CB 17/12", MCD/1992
Alert! "Are You Hectic?"
Are You Hectic? (Perpetual Mobile Mix)//
Are You Hectic? (Eclectic Remix)/Are You Hectic? (Blackout Mix)
CB 18/MCD/1992
Sielwolf "Magnum Force"
Magnum Force/Feind Sein Allein (Freak Of Nature)/Das Neue Fleisch
CB 19/CD/1993
Sielwolf "Nachtstrom"
Korrosion/Verstärker zerstört/Embryo/Nautilus #1/Nachtstrom/Nautilus #2-Vergessen (Version)/Wüste Europa/Nihilon/Brushed Steel/Nauttilus #3/Freitag (1:54)/Embryonal/(Hidden Track)
CB 20 CDWHIP 001/MCD/1994, in association with Sub/Mission Records
Swamp Terrorists "Pale Torment EP"
Pale Torment (Hard 12" Remix)/Pale Torment (Convert)/Pale Torment (Stucked)/Pale Torment (LP-Mix)/Pale Torment (Killroy-Dub)/Pale Torment (Pale Beats)/Pant To Injure (Intrepid Remix)/Pant To Injure (Inevitekk Mix)/Pant To Injure (Sonic Surcharge)/Rathead (Rough Cut Edit)/Rathead (In Hell For Breakfast)/Rathead (Loom Cut)/Rathead (Jordan Shock)/Rathead (Rash I)/Rathead (Rash II)
 CB 21/??/-nie erschienen?-
CB 22 CDWHIP002/CD/1994, in association with Sub/Mission Records
Swamp Terrorists "Combat Shock"
Pale Torment/Cynic Forage/Right Here/Spawn/Comeback/P.T.S.D./Liberator/Paint To Injure/Revelation/Jerks Ever Win/Right Now/Comeback (Blot Remix)/Comeback (Edit)/P.T.S.D. (Back In Solitude)
CB 23 CDSWHIP 07/DoCD/1994, in association with Sub/Mission Records
Swamp Terrorists "The Get O. EP"
Get O. (LP Mix)/Brainfuck (Cut Mix)/Get O. (Wasted)/Get O. (Venal Plank)/Jerks Ever Win (Rator Mix)/Get O. (Frisco Dump Mix)/Get O. (Profane)/Jerks Ever Win (Dub)/Get O. (Virus)/Get O. (Psychedelic Surrounding)//
Killer/Calf/Sign/Dumb/Index/Brain/Slash/Paralyse/ Glazed/Lunp/Misfit/Jeer/Index Dub/Kick/Inward/One Summer
CB 24 CDSWHIP 15/MCD/1995, in association with Sub/Mission Records
Swamp Terrorists "Dive-Right Jab: The Remixes"
Dive-Right Jab (Punch)/Bad Cell/Dive-Right Jab (Knock Down)/Frozen Edge/Dive-Right Jab (Sparring)
CB 25/CD/1997
Jetzmann/Liquidski "Go Home, Dotty Harmony"
Le Stylo/Joanna's Box/Kubo/Apollo Sauna 277/Daydream Believer/Düsseldorfer Industrieclub
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