What's So Funny About... Diskografie Teil 2

SF 26/LP/1986, CD/1989
Cpt. Kirk &. "Stand Rotes Madrid"
House Haus/Catholic Theories/Told You And You Know What I Said/Just For A While/Heavenly Kick For Paradies/Letztes Biest (Am Himmel)//
How Fat You Are/My Chair (in der Republik)/In For It Too Long Now/Baumond (1969)/Government's Head
CD bonus tracks: Neglect/Windfall
SF 27/LP/1986
Eugene Chadbourne "Corpses Of Foreign War"
Der Fuehrer's Face/The Mayor's New Law/Why Kids Go To School/Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die/Cops Of The World-Nicaragua/10 Most Wanted List/I'm Your Neighbor/Better Comin' Out Than Goin' In//
The Bully Song/Fables Of Faubus/KKKremlin/They'll Never Lock Him Up/Sex With The Sheriff/Corpses-Pol Po-Creator Medley-The Creator Has A Master Plan/Phil Medley-Outside A Small Circle Of Friends-White Boots Marching In A Yellow Land-I'm Gonna Say It Now

SF 28/LP/1986
Scratch Acid "Just Keep Eating"
Crazy Dan/Eyeball/Big Bone Lick/Unlike A Baptist/Damned For All Time/Ain't That Love?/Untitled//
Holes/Albino Slug/Spit A Kiss/Amicus/Cheese Plug/Untitled
SF 29/LP/1986
Helios Creed "X-Rated Fairy Tales"
The descent/Un-Human condition/Invitation/X-rated fairy tailes/Blood red//
Mystery room/Showdown/Sex Voodoo Venus/Money man/Johnny
SF 30/LP/1986
Elle Se Balance/Touche-Moi/Ma Morphine/Blonde Oxygénée/I Need You, Baby/La Fiancée Du Pirate (1)//
La Poupée/Rio La Balafre/Harley Davidson/Les Fers De Tes Bottes/La Fiancée Du Pirate (2)/Sous La Lune
SF 31/LP/1986
The Creeping Candies "Flesh"
The Tramp/Helmut Head Conquers The World/Ugly/Hungry/In Your Life//
Another Floor/Demonical Sex/Garden/Leave The Submarine/In Glasgow
SF 32/LP/1986
Nikki Sudden and The Jacobites "Texas"
Jangle Town/Death Is Hanging Over Me/In Your Room/Glass Eye/Such A Little Girl/Broken Tooth//
Dumb Angel/Basement Blues/Wedding Dress/When I Left You/Captain Kennedy's Lament/Deppers Bridge
SF 33/LP/1986
Geisterfahrer "Fi$ch Gott"
Fisch an der Angel/Fisch Gott/Thermograph/Defloration//
Zulu/Schaff´ Hitze/Das Gift/Norka
SF 34/7"/1986, Vertrieb von Play It Again Sam Records-Pressung
Executive Slacks "Rock'n'Roll"
Rock'n'Roll (Remix)/The Bus
SF 35?/LP/1985, Vertrieb von Fundamental Records-Pressung
Eugene Chadbourne "Country Protest"
Medley In C/The Wild Angels/A Bottle Labeled Losers/Convention Of Merceneries//
Fightin' Side Of Me/W Va. Spec/New Car Song/Universal Soldier/Her Name Is/When I'm Gone/Answer The Phone/Perverts On Northridge/Choppin' Down Weeds
SF 36/LP/1986
The Painless Dirties "Minimal brain dysfunction"
Hey Girl/Beaten Dogs/Don't Touch Me/Rotten Blues/Jump Out/Doctor Olander//
Dripping Tongue/Living In The Dark/One Night At Home/I'm Not Mean Enough/Subito
SF 37/DoLP/1986, Vertrieb von Fundamental Records-Pressung
Flipper "Public Flipper Limited"
New Rules No Rules/Hard Cold World/I'm Fighting/The Game' Got A Price//
Love Canal/Oh-Oh-Ay-Oh/We Don't Understand/If I Can't Be Drunk//
Sex Bomb/Brainwash/(I Saw You) Shine//
Southern California/Life/The Weel/Flipper Blues
SF 38/LP/1986
Trash Groove Girls "Vol. 1 Arbeit, Sport & Spiel"
Trash Beat/Zero/Sugar Pink Go Go Baby//
Gimme, Gimme/Arbeit, Sport + Spiel/Gimme (The Beat Part 1)
SF 39/LP/1985
39 Clocks "Cold Steel To The Heart"
P.L.O./Cold Steel To The Heart (And It Beats No More)/39 Progress Of A Psychotic/Shadow Or A Man/The Great Chomeini//
Fast Cars/Your Prick Makes Me Sick/Art Minus Idiots/Signs & Toys/Psycho Beat/Beat Your Brain Out
SF 40/LP/1987
Matador "A Touch Beyond Canned Love"
Komm/On the Boat/Abortion/Low//
Angel/Nite Time/You made Me/Seerose
SF 41/12"/1986, Vertrieb von Fundamental Records-Pressung
Scratch Acid "Beserker"
Mary Had A Little Drug Problem/For Crying Out Loud/Moron's Moron//
Skin Drips/
This Is Bliss/Flying Houses
SF 42/LP/1987
Sprung Aus Den Wolken "The Story Of Electricity"
Shakin your body/Röck´n´Röll/Lion - could be me/Roundandaroundshadow/Electricity break/D.J.-D.J./Could be you - lion/Body your shakin//
Itch i-ni-san-shi-/All to yah cosma/Be quiet/Shadow knows/LION/D.J.D.J.D.J....bow/COSMA
SF 43/LP/1987
Kastrierte Philosophen "Between Shootings"
Privacy/I call it just/Skin and pain/Lady P.//
One of these days/Do you think I should/Ain't it time/Sick of sermons/Never be kind
SF 44/7"/1987
Trash Groove Girls
Trash Beat/Zero
SF 45/LP/1986, Vertrieb von Fundamental Records-Pressung
Shock Therapy "Shock Therapy"
X-Ray House/Can I Do What I Want?/Theatre Of Life//
No Means Yes/Pain/Hate Is A 4-Letter Word/The Scream
SF 46/LP/1987, Vertrieb von Flicknife Records-Pressung
Jeremy Gluck with Nikki Sudden & Rowland S. Howard featuring Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Epic Soundtracks "I knew Buffalo Bill"
Looking For A Place To Fall/Too Long/Gone Free/Hymn//
Time Undone/allery Wharf/Four Seasons Of Trouble/All My Secrets
SF 47/LP/1987, Vertrieb von Flicknife Records-Pressung
Rollin Thunder "Howl"
Atlantic To Pacific/Pink And Greens/Goin' South/Bloodstained Legends/Shadow Fall//
Immortal Soul/Street Of Last Causes/Once..../B.A.R.B.
SF 48/LP/1987, Vertrieb von Fundamental Records-Pressung
Eugene Chadbourne with Evan Johns & The H-Bombs "Vermin Of The Blues"
We Tried To Make A Record But We Couldn't Get It Together/Rakeman/Fried Chicken For Richard Speck/Bo Diddley Is A Communist/Breakin' The Law Every Day/I Hate The Man Who Runs This Bar/Johnny Cash In The Phillipines/Rebel Rouser Version 5,678//
Keep A Knockin'/Vermin Of The Blues/My Mother's Eyes/Psychotic Reaction/666OKKKLOKKK Jump/Rockabilly Medley (Glad My Babe's Gone Away-Tongue Tied Jill)/Rebel Rouser Version 6,890/God Made Country Music For People Like Y'All
SF 49/LP/1987, Vertrieb von Fundamental Records-Pressung
Savage Republic "Tragic Figures"
When All Else Fails/Attempted Coup: Madagascar/The Ivory Coast/Next To Nothing/Exodus//
Machinery/Zulu Zulu/Real Men/Flesh That Walks/Kill The Fascists!/Procession
SF 50 (CD)/LP, LP/1987
Einstürzende Neubauten "Fünf auf der nach oben offenen Richterskala"
Zerstörte Zelle/Ich Bin's/Morning Dew/Mo Di Mi Do Fr Sa So//
12 Städte/Keine Schönheit (ohne Gefahr)/Kein Bestandteil sein
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