What's So Funny About... Diskografie Teil 8

SF 176/CD/2003
The Sound Of Money "Throw Money!"
That's The Sound Of Money/Just An Illusion/The Secret Life Of Things That Got Lost/Don't Look Behind You (RMX)/Space Cowboy/Throw Money/1969/Kill Yourself(Don't Give Up Your Dream)/Rubik Cube (RMX)/Don't Look Behind You
SF 177/CD/2003
Les Dickinsons "On My Lips"
Les Dickinsons/The Plan/Keep Walking/Under A Wandering Star/Subatomic/Swore/Conga/Mosquito/Right Alright/Atomic Raygun/Cleaning Queen/A Day In Bed/Godsown
SF 178/CD/2003
Monostars "Nichts für immer"
Stand By/Willkommen im Club/In die Vereinigten Staaten/In It For The Trouble/Stand-By/S, M, L, XXL/Eines Nachts/Greenpoint/Sprache der Steine/Scheinselbständig/Gleiten und Driften/Wie alte Freunde/Unser Haus
SF 179/7"/2003
"Girls Got Rhythm"
Parole Trixi "Lipstick Blues"/Schlampen Ficken Besser "Dekubitus"//
TGV "Too Much Love"/Kerstin Grether "Zuckerbabies"
SF 313/LP/1988
39 Clocks "Subnarcotic"
Heat Of Violence/Dom (Electricity Elects The Rain)/Psychotic Louie Louie/Past Tense Hope & Instant Fears On 42nd Street//
Virtous Girl/Three Floors Down/Rainy Night Insanities/A Touch Of Rot/Aspetando Godo
SF 1898/LP, CD/2006
Woog Riots "Strangelove TV"
Queen of pop/Commercial suicide/347/John & Yoko in bed/Martial arts/Hot showers/Mrs Pharmacist/Churchgate guy/Band from the pubs/Babuna honnig/Frankenstein tattoo/Unknown artist/Strangelove TV
LP bonus track: Heartbreak hotel no 2
SF 1966/CD/2008
Woog Riots "Pasp"
People-People Working With Computers/People-Paul McCartney/People-Lack Of Passion/People-Frank Backwards/Animals- Wild Baboons/Animals-Elephants & Mirrors/Animals-Octopussy/Society-Backstage Lemonade/Society-Islam Punk/Society-Doormat Theory/Society-April '66/Places-Hotel Room/Places-Night Bus/Places-Art Museum/Places-Living Room
SF 9898/7"/2004
Woog Riots "King Of Pop"
King of pop//
Fortune teller hotline/Friends of mine
Konrad c/o What´s So Funny About...
KR 01/CD/2010
Zukunft und die Lichter "Mann im Mond"
Verlasse die Stadt/Wippe/Mann im Mond/Allein auf hoher See/Tränen im Mai/Wiedersehen/Ticktack swing/Alles wird gut/Grossstadtcowboy/Fritten und Kaviar/Not me
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