What's So Funny About... Diskografie Teil 3

SF 51LP/1986, Vertrieb von Fundamental Records-Pressung
Gargoyle Sox "Headless Horseman"
Brain Sell/Carnivore/Serpent Circle/The Witches//
Ugly Birds/People In Power/As The Master Sleeps/Headless Horseman/Comfort Zone
SF 52/LP/1986, Vertrieb von Fundamental Records-Pressung
Savage Republic "Ceremonial"
Andelusia/Walking Backwards/A Thousand Days/Mediterranea/Dionysius//
Ceremonial/The Year Of Exile/Land Of Delusion
SF 53/DoLP/1987, Vertrieb von Fundamental Records-Pressung
Eugene Chadbourne "LSDC&W - The History Of The Chadbournes In America"
The Beatles Medley (Day Tripper/I've Just Seen A Face/Birthday/Don't Pass Me By/Octopus Garden/Taxman/Startin' Over)/In A Sentimental Mood (The Duke) (Pt. 1)//
In A Sentimental Mood (Pt. 2)/Winchester, Va./Tennessee Flattop Box/Dr. Chadbourne's Ordeal In Nashville/Burma Shave/Dixie Fried//
Wine Me Up/Roger Miller Medley (This Town/Kansas City Star/My Uncle Used To Love Me But She Died)/House Burning Down/Third Stone From The Sun/Funny How Time Slips Away/Ghosts//
7 + 7 =/Burl Ives Medley/Wild Horses/W Va Spec (Zorn Tribute)/Nobody Loves Me But My Mother/No Reason To Quit
SF 54/LP/1986, Vertrieb von Fundamental Records-Pressung
Henry Rollins "Hot Animal Machine"
Black And White/Followed Around/Lost And Found/here's A Man Outside/Crazy Lover/A Man And A Woman//
Hot Animal Machine I/Ghost Rider/Move Right In/Hot Animal Machine II/No One
SF 55/12"/1986
Wild Stares "Tricking the future"
Peterfect Bash/Look In My Eyes/It Never Happens Here//
The Great Barrier/Babies Falling
SF 56/12"/1987, Vertrieb von Fundamental Records-Pressung
Ritual Tension "I Live Here/Hotel California"
Hotel California//
Hatred/The Grind
SF 57/LP/1987
Popularnja Mehanika feat. Westbam "Live in Riga"
OTEU - Vater 1/OTEU - Vater 2/OTEU - Vater 3/OTEU - Vater 4/OTEU - Vater 5/OTEU - Vater 6/OTEU - Vater 7//
CbIH - Sohn 1/CbIH - Sohn 2/CbIH - Sohn 3/CbIH - Sohn 4/CbIH - Sohn 5/CbIH - Sohn 6/CbIH - Sohn 7
SF 58/LP/1987
Lolitas "Séries Américaines"
Toute La Nuit/Sexy Sex/Avec Ma Valise/J'Ai Tué Tout Ce Que J'Amais/La Chatte De Gouttière//
La Malheur C'Est Moi/Séries Américaines/Fantômes/Coup De Fil/Canelle/Jolly Junper
SF 59
-nicht erschienen?-
SF 60/(LP/1987
S.Y.P.H. "StereoOdDrom"
Typhon/Alte Freundin/Pop Horror/Der Junge mit der Sehnsucht//
Der Junge mit der Sehnsucht/11. Frau im Harem/Ich glaub die Liebe/Mein Esel ist kaputt
SF 61/12"/1986, Vertrieb von Fundamental Records-Pressung
86 "Minutes in a day"
Minutes In A Day/Gems/Floating//
Waiting/Smile/Just One
SF 62/12"/1987, Vertrieb von Fundamental Records-Pressung
Henrietta Collins & The Wife-Beating Child-Haters "Drive by shooting"
Drive By Shooting/Ex-Lion Tamer/Black and White (instrumental mix)//
Hey Henrietta/Can You Speak This?/I Have Come to Kill You/Men Are Pigs
SF 63/LP/1986, Vertrieb von Fundamental Records-Pressung
The Coolies "Dig...?"
Scarborough Fair/Bridge Over Troubled Water/The 59th St. Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)/I Am a Rock/El Condor Pasa//
Having My Baby/Cecilia/Homeward Bound/Mrs. Robinson/The Only Living Boy in New York
SF 64/12"/1987, Vertrieb von Fundamental Records-Pressung
Jeremy Gluck & Friends "Looking For A Place to Fall"
Looking For A Place To Fall//
Time Goes Faster/One More Story/Looking For A Place To Fall - Reprise
SF 65/LP/1987, Vertrieb von Fundamental Records-Pressung
JFA "Valley of the Yakes"
Kick You/Great Equalizer/Preppy/Little Big Man/Johnny D/Walk Don't Run/I Don't Like You//
Baja/Skateboard/We Know You Suck/Too Late/Sadistic Release/Axed At Howards/I-10/Guess What?
SF 66/LP/1987
Borbounese Qualk "Borbounese Qualk"
Skin Deep/On Your Knees/Dream Decade/Untitled/Black And Blues/Pipe Dreams/Workover/Shock Corridor//
Sweat It Out/Dummy-Run/Unknown Trk/C2V/Obsession/This Is The Enemy/Mean Street/Always There
SF 67/12"/1987
Wasch! "Cocaine"
SF 68/12"/1988, Vertrieb von Red Rhino Records-Pressung
The Gun Club "Breaking Hands"
Breaking Hands//
Crabdance/Nobody's City
SF 69/LP/1987
The Wild Stares "Skorch Turth"
Piece Of The Picture/Lonesome Tiger/I Was Born The Day The Music Died/Half Hollow Hill/Ground Rule Double/We Are The Gone Kids/Can't Match You//
Rules Of Play/The Gulf Stream/Staring Eyes Of Man On Murder Train/Aunt Molly's Ghost Is A Tree Now/Your Secret Is Safe
SF 70/LP, CD/1987
The Gun Club "Mother Juno"
Bill Bailey/Thunderhead/Lupita Screams/Yellow Eyes//
The Breaking Hands/Araby/Hearts/My Cousin Kim/Port Of Souls
SF 71/LP/1988
Geisterfahrer "Stein & Bein"
Smile/Freaks/Wild cat/Underground//
Ghost rover/She/Pass the cup/Stein & Bein
SF 72/12"/1988
Set Fatale "I Wanna Hit"
I Wanna Hit//
I Wanna Hit (Importmix)/Shooga Looga
SF 73/LP/1988
Dave Kusworth "The Bounty Hunters"
Riches To Rags/A Very Good Wife/Orphan (All His Life)/The Story So Far/Where Her Head Used To Lay//
Sleeping Love/A Glimpse Of Your Heart/To My Love/A Puppeteers Son
SF 74/LP/1988
Kastrierte Philosophen "Tyrants & Poolsharks"
Tyrants of insomnia/I never betrayed you/Tell them/I'm too busy to stay/Seven days/When she falls/Play with fire//
Gun beat babes/Scars of dancing/I need somebody/Privacy/Do you think I should
SF 75/LP/1987, Vertrieb von Accelerating Blue Fish Records-Pressung?
The Chainsaw Zombies "Obsession"
Crucified Man/New Water Skin/Beautiful/Don't Drag That Mess Into Our Bunker/Days Of Sodom//
Punishment/Raindays/Obsession/And All There Is Beyond...Metamorphosis
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