The Fall - Diskografie 1999-2001

Touch Sensitive February 1999 (12"/MCD)
Touch Sensitive Dance Mix
Touch Sensitive
INCH featuring Mark E. Smith (D.O.S.E.) "Inch" February 1999 (CD)
Inch (Mark E. Smith: vocals)
Inch Longer (Mark E. Smith: vocals)
Inch Val Hooligan Mix (Mark E. Smith: vocals)
Inch DOSE Remix (Mark E. Smith: vocals)
Inch Longer Dub (Mark E. Smith: vocals)
The Marshall Suite April 1999 (CD)
Touch Sensitive
F-'oldin' Money
This Perfect Day
(Jung Nev's) Antidotes
Anecdotes + Antidotes In B#
Early Life Of The Crying Marshal
The Crying Marshal
Birthday Song
On My Own
Finale: Tom Raggazzi (double LP only)
Robert Elms session Broadcast live to air on BBC's GLR 15 April 1999
F-'Oldin' Money
Mark E Smith - vocals
Neville Wilding - guitar
Karen Leatham - bass
Adam Helal - bass
Tom Head - drums
F-'Oldin' Money August 1999 (MCD)
F-'Oldin' Money
Perfect Day (new version)
Birthday Song (new mix)
F-'Oldin' Money August 1999 (MCD)
F-'Oldin' Money
The REAL Life of the Crying Marshal (new version)
Tom Raggazzi (new mix)
The Clint Boon Experience "You Can't Keep a Good Man Down" August 1999 (7"/CD)
Now I Wanna Be Your Dog (live) (Mark E. Smith: vocals)
Elastica Sixtrack EP August 1999 (CD)

How He Wrote Elastica Man (Mark E. Smith: vocals)
KB (Mark E. Smith: vocals)

also available on:
The Menace April 2000 (CD)

Live 77 March 2000 (live CD, recorded at Stretford Civic Centre, 23 December 1977)
Psycho Mafia
Last Orders
Dresden Dolls
Hey Fascist
Industrial Estate
Stepping Out
Bingo Master's Breakout
Oh Brother
Cop It
Futures and Pasts
Louie Louie
A Past Gone Mad (Best Of 1990-2000) April 2000 (compilation CD)
The CD in Your Hand (from The Post Nearly Man)
Touch Sensitive (from The Marshall Suite)
High Tension Line (from High Tension Line-MCD)
Rose (from Shift-Work)
Birmingham School of Business School (from Code: Selfish)
Free Range (from Code: Selfish)
Lost in Music (from The Infotainment Scan)
I'm Going to Spain (from The Infotainment Scan)
It's a Curse (from The Infotainment Scan)
A Past Gone Mad (from The Infotainment Scan)
Behind the Counter (from Middle Class Revolt)
Hey Student (from 15 Ways To Leave Your Man)
10 Houses of Eve (from Masquerade-MCD)
F-'Oldin' Money (from The Marshall Suite)
Shake Off (from The Marshall Suite)
Jung Nev's Antidotes (from The Marshall Suite)
Bonkers in Phoenix (from Cerebral Caustic)
Bill Is Dead (from Extricate)
Mild Man Jan "Fistful Of Credits" June 2000 (7")

Fistful Of Credits (Mark Smith: vocals)

I Am Pure As Oranj July 2000 (live CD, recorded at the Edinburgh Festival, King's Theatre, 17 August 1988)
Dog Is Life
Kurious Oranj
Yes Oh Yes
Hip Priest
Wrong Place Right Time
Acid Priest
Bad News Girl
Dead Beat Descendant
The Plague
Cabbing It Up
Bremen Nacht
Psykick Dancehall August 2000 (triple compilation CD)
Stepping out (from Short Circuit - Live at the Electric Circus)
Last orders (from Short Circuit - Live at the Electric Circus)
Bingo master's breakout (from Bingo master's breakout)
Psycho mafia (from Bingo master's breakout)
Repetition (from Bingo master's breakout)
It's the new thing (from It's the new thing)
Various times (from It's the new thing)
Frightened (from Live At The Witch Trials)
No xmas for John Quays (from Live At The Witch Trials)
Industrial estate (from Live At The Witch Trials)
Music scene (from Live At The Witch Trials)
Rowche rumble (from Rowche rumble)
In my area (from Rowche rumble)
Psykick dance hall (from Dragnet)
Printhead (from Dragnet)
Dice man (from Dragnet)
Muzorewi's daughter (from Dragnet)
Flat of angels (from Dragnet)
Put away (from Dragnet)
Fiery Jack (from Fiery Jack)
2nd dark age (from Fiery Jack)
How I wrote 'Elastic man' (from How I wrote 'Elastic man')
Middle mass / Crap rap (from Live in London, 1980)
That man (from Live in London, 1980)
Male slags (from Live in London, 1980)
Spectre vs rector (from Live in London, 1980)
Totally wired (from Totally wired)
Pay your rates (from Grotesque (After The Gramme))
English scheme (from Grotesque (After The Gramme))
New face in hell (from Grotesque (After The Gramme))
Container drivers (from Grotesque (After The Gramme))
Prole art threat (from Slates, etc.)
Fit and working again (from Slates, etc.)
Leave the capitol (from Slates, etc.)
Lie dream of a casino soul (from Lie Dream of a Casino Soul)
Fantastic life (from Lie Dream of a Casino Soul)
The classical (from Hex Enduction Hour)
Jawbone and the air rifle (from Hex Enduction Hour)
Hip priest (from Hex Enduction Hour)
Fortress / Deer park (from Hex Enduction Hour)
Winter 1 (Hostel Maxi) (from Hex Enduction Hour)
Just step s'ways (from Hex Enduction Hour)
And this day (from Hex Enduction Hour)
Look, know (from Look, know)
I feel voxish (from Perverted By Language)
Marquis cha-cha (from Room to Live (Undiluteable Slang Truth))
Hard life in country (from Room to Live (Undiluteable Slang Truth))
The man whose head expanded (from The man whose head expanded)
Kicker conspiracy (from Kicker conspiracy)
Live in Cambridge 1988 September 2000 (live CD, recorded at Cambridge Corn Exchange March 19, 1988)
Shoulder Pads
2 X 4
Get A Hotel
Cab It Up
Hit The North
Bremen Nacht
Pay Your Rates
Hey Luciani
Oswald Defence Lawyer
Carry Bag Man
Mr Pharacist
Lucifer Over Lancashire
The Unutterable November 2000 (CD)
Cyber Insekt
Two Librans
Sons of Temperance
Dr. Buck's Letter
Hot Runes
Way Round
Octo Realm - Ketamine Sun
Pumpkin Soup and Mashed Potatoes
Hands up Billy
Midwatch 1953
Das Katerer
Class Of 76 2000 (bootleg LP)
Mess Of My Age (Peel session 27 November 1978)
Hassle Schmuck (Peel session 24 March 1981)
Plaster On The Hands (live Electric Ballroom, London 21 May 1983)
Live in Reykjavic February 2001 (live CD, recorded at Austurbaejarbio, Reykjavik May 6, 1983)
Tempo House
The Classical
Eat Y'self Fitter
Hexen Definitive
I Feel Voxish
The Man Whose Head Expanded
Kicker Conspiracy
Look, Know
A World Bewitched (Best of 1990-2000) February 2001 (compilation DoCD)
Sing! Harpy (from Extricate)
I'm a Mummy (from Levitate)
Idiot Joy Showland (from Shift-Work or The Twenty Seven Points)
Powder Keg (from The Light User Syndrome)
M5#1 (from Middle Class Revolt)
Inevitable (from The Marshall Suite)
Immortality (from Code: Selfish)
Arid Al's Dream (from Sinister Waltz)
The Mixer (from Shift-Work or The Twenty Seven Points)
4 1/2 Inch (from Levitate)
The Caterer (from The Post Nearly Man)
One Day (from Cerebral Caustic)
Middle Class Revolt (from Middle Class Revolt)

Glam Racket (from The Infotainment Scan)
Black Monk Theme (from Extricate)
Strychnine (from The Twenty Seven Points or Peel Sessions )
Noel's Chemical Effluence (from The Twenty Seven Points)
Light-Fireworks (from The Infotainment Scan)
Theme From Error-Orror! (from the Home-Compilation)
Blood Outta Stone (from White Lightning-12"/The Dredger EP)
Why Are People Grudgeful (from Why Are People Grudgeful-MCD)

Ed's Babe (from Ed's Babe-12")
The Real Life of the Crying Marshall (from F-'Oldin' Money-MCD)
Kimble (from Kimble-MCD)
The Legend of Xanadu (from the Ruby Trax-Compilation)
Seventies Night (Edwyn Collins & MES)
Calendar (The Fall feat. Badly Drawn Boy) (from Masquerade-MCD)
Now I Wanna Be Your Dog (The Clint Boon Experience with MES) (from The Clint Boon Experience "You Can't Keep a Good Man Down")
I Want You (The Inspiral Carpets feat. MES) (from Inspiral Carpets "I Want You")
Repetition (Tackhead feat. MES) (from Tackhead "Repetition")
The Heads Of Dead Surfers (Long Fin Killie feat. MES) (from Long Fin Killie "Heads Of Dead Surfers")
Plug Myself In (DOSE feat. MES) (from D.O.S.E featuring Mark E. Smith "Plug Myself In"-MCD/)

KB (Elastica feat. MES) (from Elastica Sixtrack EP)
Happy Holiday (from Behind The Counter (Remix)-MCD)
Fistful of Credit (Mild Man Jan & MES)
Life Just Bounces (from The Dredger EP, Cerebral Caustic , The Fall In The City.... or Oxymoron)
Backdrop February 2001 (CD, official re-release)

Marquis Cha-Cha (from Marquis Cha-Cha)
Bremen Nacht Run Out (from Bremen Nacht Run Out)
Mark'll Sink Us (live) (from Bremen Nacht Run Out)
Lucifer over Lancashire (from Vinyl Conflict 2)
Hey! Luciani (from Sounds Showcase 1)
Wings (live in NYC '85) (from Bugs on the Wire)
L.A. (live at Albany Empire, Deptford) (from Fruitcakes and Furry Collars)
U.S. 80's-90's (live in Bremen, Germany) (from Head over Ears - A Debris compilation)
Guest Informant (live in Vienna) (from Sniffin' Rock No 9)
The Man Whose Head Expanded (live) (from Bang Zoom Tapezine No. 7)
Backdrop (from In a Hole)
Dresden Dolls (from Dresden Dolls)
Strychnine (also on Peel Sessions)
Race with the Devil (Gene Vincent song played as a request for John Peel at his 50th birthday party, Subterranea, London, August 29th 1989)
Plaster on the Hands (live at the Venue, London on 21st March 1983)
Uncredited piece of MES talking about the release of How I Wrote Elastic Man / City Hobgoblins

Liverpool '78 June 2001 (live CD, recorded at Mr. Pickwick's, Liverpool 22 August 1978)
Like to Blow
Stepping Out
Two Steps Back
Mess of My
It's the New Thing
Various Times
Bingo Master's Breakout
Industrial Estate
Psycho Mafia
Music Scene
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