The Fall - Diskografie 2007-2008

Reformation Post TLC Februar 2007 (CD)
Over! Over!
Fall Sound
White Line Fever
Insult Song
My Door Is Never
Coach And Horses
The Usher
The Wright Stuff
Das Boat
The Bad Stuff
Systematic Abuse
Live At The Knitting Factory - L.A. - 14 November 2001 Februar 2007 (CD)
The Joke
Cyber Insekt
And Therein...
Bourgeois Town
Kick the Can/F'olding Money/Kick The Can pt 2
Mr Pharmacist
Jim's The Fall
Way Round/Dr Bucks Letter
Way Round
Live At The ATP Festival - 28 April 2002 Februar 2007 (CD)
To Nkroachment: Yarbles
2 Librans
The Joke
And Therein...
Cyber Insekt
Wake Up In The City/My Ex Classmates Kids
Kick The Can/F'olding Money/Kick the Can Pt 2
Bourgeois Town
Mr Pharmacist
Shake Off/Enigramatic Dream/Ketamine Sun
Reformation! The Single April 2007 (12"/MCD)
Reformation! (Uncut)
Over Over (Rough Mix)
My Door Is Never (Rough Mix)
Reformation! (Edit)
Von Südenfed "Fledermaus Can't Get It" 2004 May 2007 (12")

Fledermaus Can't Get It [Tromhead Cut]
Fledermaus Can't Get It [Dr Dong-Hun Chung Version (We Call It Rave Bounce)]
Fledermaus Can't Get It [Max Tundra Mix]
Fledermaus Can't Get It [Hooloo Rock]
Mark E Smith / Andi Toma (Mouse On Mars) / Jan St Werner (Mouse On Mars)

Von Südenfed "Tromatic Reflexxions" May 2007 (CD)

Fledermaus Can't Get It
The Rhinohead
Family Feud
Serious Brainskin
Speech Contamination/German Fear Of Osterreich
The Young The Faceless And The Codes
Chicken Yiamas
That Sound Wiped
Jbak Lois Lane
Dearest Friends
Mark E Smith / Andi Toma (Mouse On Mars) / Jan St Werner (Mouse On Mars)

The Fall Box Set 1976-2007 September 2007 (5CD-Box)
Bingo-Master's Break-Out! (from Bingo-Master's Break-Out!-7")
No Xmas For John Quays (from Live At The Witch Trials)
Rowche Rumble (alternative version)
Before The Moon Falls (from Dragnet)
New Puritan (from Totale's Turns)
City Hobgoblins (from How I Wrote 'Elastic Man'-7")
Totally Wired (from Totally Wired-7")
New Face In Hell (from Grotesque)
The Container Drivers (from Grotesque)
Leave The Capitol (from Slates-10")
Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul (from Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul-7")
The Classical (from Hex Enduction Hour)
Hip Priest (from Hex Enduction Hour)
Look, Know (from Look, Know7")
Marquis Cha-Cha (from Room To Live)
The Man Whose Head Expanded (from The Man Whose Head Expanded-7")
Wings (from Kicker Conspiracy/Wings-2x7")
Smile (from Perverted By Language)
Oh! Brother (from Oh! Brother-7")
Lay Of The Land (from The Wonderful And Frightening World Of...)
Couldn't Get Ahead (from Couldn't Get Ahead/Rollin' Dany-7")
Bombast (from This Nation's Saving Grace)
Paintwork (from This Nation's Saving Grace)
L.A. (from Cruiser's Creek-7")
Mr. Pharmacist (from Mr. Pharmacist-7")
Dktr. Faustus (from Bend Sinister)
Shoulder Pads 1# (from Bend Sinister)
Excerpt From Hey! Luciani Play (live Riverside Theatre, Hammersmith 19 December 1986)
There's A Ghost In My House (from There's A Ghost In My House-7")
Hit The North Part 4 (from Hit The North-7")
Guest Informant (from Victoria-7")
A Day In The Life (from Sgt. Pepper Knew My Father)
Athlete Cured (from The Frenz Experiment)
Bremen Nacht (from The Frenz Experiment)
Big New Prinz (from Jerusalem/Big New Prinz-7")
Dead Beat Descendant (from Cab It Up-7")
Telephone Thing (alternate version)
Bill Is Dead (from Extricate)
Arms Control Poseur (from Popcorn Double Feature-7")
Theme From Error-Orrori (from Home)
The Re-Mixer (from Why Are People Grudgeful?-7")
Free Range (from Free Range-7")
Ed's Babe (from Ed's Babe-7")
Arid Al's Dream (from Volume Four)
Glam Racket (from The Infotainment Scan)
A Past Gone Mad (from RCD Classic Rock Collection Vol 10)
Behind The Counter (from Behind The Counter-7")
M5 (from Behind The Counter-7")
The Joke (from Cerebral Caustic)
Noel's Chemical Effluence (from The Twenty Seven Points)
Plug Myself In (from D.O.S.E. Plug Myself In-7")
He Pep! (from The Light User Syndrome)
Inch (from Inch Inch-7")
Recipe For Fascism (from Levitate)
Ten Houses Of Eve (from Masquerade-7")
Calendar (from Masquerade-7")
The Horror In Clay (from The Post Nearly Man)
Touch Sensitive (from Touch Sensitive-7")
Shake-Off (from The Marshall Suite)
Tom Raggazzi (from The Marshall Suite)
Two Librans (from 2 Librans (demo)-7")
Dr. Bucks' Letter (from The Unutterable)
Distilled Mug Art (from 2G+2)
Pander! Panda! Panzer! (Excerpt) (from Pander! Panda! Panzer!)
Susan vs Youthclub (from The Fall vs 2003-7")
Mike's Love Xexagon (unreleased version)
Last Commands Of Xyralothep Via MES (from The Real New Fall LP Formerly 'Country On The Click')
(We Are) Mod Mock Goth (from (We Wish You) A Protein Christmas-7")
Portugal (from The Real New Fall LP Formerly 'Country On The Click'-US-LP)
Theme From Sparta F.C. #2 (from Theme From Sparta F.C. #2-7")
I Can Hear The Grass Grow (from I Can Hear The Grass Grow-US-7")
Blindness (unreleased version)
Fall Sound (unreleased version)
Hey! Fascist (live Foxes At The Greyhound 7 May 1978)
Brand New Cadillac (live Band On The Wall, Manchester August 1978)
My Condition (live Marquee, London 17 December 1978)
Pop Stickers (live The Nashville Room, London 1 March 1979)
Session Musician (live Alter Bahnhof, Hof, Germany 22 May 1981)
Middle Mass Explanation (live Fagins, Manchester 30 September 1981)
I'm Into C.B. (Stars On 45 Version) (live Fagins, Manchester 30 September 1981)
C'n'C-Black Night (live Town Hall, Christchurch, New Zealand 18 August 1982)
Perverted By Language (live Electric Ballroom, London 8 December 1983)
He Talks (live Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 31 March 1984)
Hey! Marc Riley (live Oskars Cornhusker, Azusa, California, USA 23 March 1985)
Countdown (live Irving Plaza, New York, USA 1 March 1986)
Race With The Devil (live Subterrania, London 29 August 1989)
Tunnel (live Astoria 2, London 23 October 1985)
Interferance (live Bierkeller, Bristol 19 January 1997)
Jet Boy (live Arts Centre, Salisbury 7 May 1999)
Walk Like A Man (live Echo Lounge, Atlanta, Georgia, USA 16 April 2004)
The Boss (live Carling Academy, Bristol 20 March 2006)
Von Südenfed "The Rhinohead/Slow Down Ronnie" Oktober 2007 (12")

The Rhinohead
Slow Down Ronnie
The Rhinohead (Pilooski Edit)
Mark E Smith / Andi Toma (Mouse On Mars) / Jan St Werner (Mouse On Mars)

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