The Fall - Diskografie 2004-2007

Pearl City 1996 November 2004 (live LP)
Intro (live at the Roskilde Festival (Denmark) 30 June 1996)
Pearl City (live at the Phoenix Festival 21 July 1996)
15 Ways (To Leave Your Man) (live at the Roskilde Festival (Denmark) 30 June 1996)
Das Vulture Ans Ein Nutter-Wain (live at the Roskilde Festival (Denmark) 30 June 1996)
Spinetrak (live at the Roskilde Festival (Denmark) 30 June 1996)
The Mixer (live at the Roskilde Festival (Denmark) 30 June 1996)
Cheetham Hill (live at the Roskilde Festival (Denmark) 30 June 1996)
Powder Keg (live at the Roskilde Festival (Denmark) 30 June 1996)
He Pep! (live at the Phoenix Festival 21 July 1996)
Chilinism (edit) (live at the Phoenix Festival 21 July 1996)
L.A. (edit) (live at the Roskilde Festival (Denmark) 30 June 1996)
Interim November 2004 (CD, recorded at Rehearsals and Live August/September 2004)
All Clasp Hands
What About Us?
I'm Ronney The Oney
Green-Eyed Snorkel
Mod Mock Goth
Wrong Place
Sparta FC No.3
Mere Psued Mag. Ed.
Spoilt Victorian Childe
Boxoctosis Alarum
Blind Man November 2004 (MCD)
Blind Man (demoversion of Blindness)
Mouse On Mars "Wipe That Sound" November 2004 (12")

Cut The Gain / Wipe That Sound (Mark Smith: vocals)

Wipe That Sound also availabale on
Mouse On Mars "Radical Connector" 2004 (CD)

Rude (All The Time) EP Februar 2005 (MCD)
Distilled Mug Art (alternate version)
I Wake Up In The City (alternate version)
Where's The Fuckin Taxi? Cunt
My Ex Classmates Kids (alternate version)
Live From The Vaults - Oldham 1978 April 2005 (CD, recorded Tower Club, Oldham 21 August 1978)
Like To Blow
Stepping Out
It's The New Thing
Futures and Pasts
Bingo Master's Breakout
Industrial Estate
Psycho Mafia
Mother - Sister
Music Scene (incomplete)
Various Times
Live From The Vaults - Retford 1979 April 2005 (CD, recorded Porterhouse, Retford 16 November 1979)
Psykick Dancehall
Rowche Rumble
Flat of Angles
2nd Dark Age
Rebellious Jukebox
Muzorewi's Daughter
In My Area
Choc Stock
A Figure Walks
Fiery Jack
No Xmas For John Quays
Psycho Mafia
Live From The Vaults - Los Angeles 1979 April 2005 (CD, recorded Anticlub, Los Angeles 14 December 1979)
Psykick Dancehall
Rouche Rumble
Flat of Angles
Rebellious Jukebox
Various Times
Stepping Out
Your Heart Out
Dice Man
Spectre vs Rector
Choc Stock
Muzorewi's Daughter
Live From The Vaults - Glasgow 1981 April 2005 (CD, recorded Plaza, Glasgow 23 February 1981)
Blob 59 (Lie Dream of a Casino Soul)/Prole Art Threat
Totally Wired
Jawbone and the Air Rifle
An Older Lover
Middle Mass
City Hobgoblins
Slates Slags Etc
English Scheme
Fit and Working Again
Spectre vs Rector
Leave the Capitol
Container Drivers
C n C/S-mithering
Live From The Vaults - Alter Banhof, Hof, Germany April 2005 (DoCD)
How I Wrote Elastic Man (live Alter Bahnhof, Hof, Germany 22 May 1981)
Fortress/Totally Wired (live Alter Bahnhof, Hof, Germany 22 May 1981)
Jawbone and the Air Rifle (live Alter Bahnhof, Hof, Germany 22 May 1981)
An Older Lover (live Alter Bahnhof, Hof, Germany 22 May 1981)
The NWRA (live Alter Bahnhof, Hof, Germany 22 May 1981)
Prole Art Threat (live Alter Bahnhof, Hof, Germany 22 May 1981)
Your Heart Out (live Alter Bahnhof, Hof, Germany 22 May 1981)
No Xmas for John Quay (live S.O.36, Berlin, Germany 23 May 1981)

Hip Priest (live Alter Bahnhof, Hof, Germany 22 May 1981)
Lie Dream of a Casino Soul (live Alter Bahnhof, Hof, Germany 22 May 1981)
Session Musician (live Alter Bahnhof, Hof, Germany 22 May 1981)
Leave the Capitol (incomplete) (live S.O.36, Berlin, Germany 23 May 1981)
City Hobgoblins (live S.O.36, Berlin, Germany 23 May 1981)
Slates (live S.O.36, Berlin, Germany 23 May 1981)
Slags etc. (live S.O.36, Berlin, Germany 23 May 1981)
Fantastic Life (live S.O.36, Berlin, Germany 23 May 1981)

The complete Fall John Peel sessions 1978-2004 April 2005 (6CD-Boxset)

Futures And Pasts (Peel Session 06/15/78)
Mother-Sister! (Peel Session 06/15/78))
Rebellious Jukebox (Peel Session 06/15/78))
Industrial Estate (Peel Session 06/15/78)
Put Away (Peel Session 12/06/78)
Mess Of My (Peel Session 12/06/78)
No Xmas For John Quays (Peel Session 12/06/78)
Like To Blow (Peel Session 12/06/78)
Container Drivers (Peel Session 09/24/80)
Jawbone And The Air Rifle (Peel Session 09/24/80)
New Puritan (Peel Session 09/24/80)
New Face In Hell (Peel Session 09/24/80)
Middlemass (Peel Session 03/31/81)
Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul (Peel Session 03/31/81)
Hip Priest (Peel Session 03/31/81)
CnC Hassle Schmuck (Peel Session 03/31/81)

Deer Park (Peel Session 09/15/81)
Look Know (Peel Session 09/15/81)
Winter (Peel Session 09/15/81)
Who Makes The Nazis? (Peel Session 09/15/81)
Smile (Peel Session 03/23/83)
Garden (Peel Session 03/23/83)
Hexen Definitive Strife Knot (Peel Session 03/23/83)
Eat Y’self Fitter (Peel Session 03/23/83)
Pat Trip Dispenser (Peel Session 01/03/84)
2 x 4 (Peel Session 01/03/84)
Words Of Expectation (Peel Session 01/03/84)
CREEP (Peel Session 01/03/84)

Cruiser’s Creek (Peel Session 06/03/85)
Couldn’t Get Ahead (Peel Session 06/03/85)
Spoilt Victorian Child (Peel Session 06/03/85)
Gut Of The Quantifier (Peel Session 06/03/85)
LA (Peel Session 10/07/85)
The Man Whose Head Expanded (Peel Session 10/07/85)
What You Need (Peel Session 10/07/85)
Faust Banana (Peel Session 10/07/85)
Hot Aftershave Bop (Peel Session 07/09/86)
ROD (Peel Session 07/09/86)
Gross Chapel GB Grenadiers (Peel Session 07/09/86)
US 80’s-90’s (Peel Session 07/09/86)
Athlete Cured (Peel Session 05/09/87)
Australians In Europe (Peel Session 05/09/87)
Twister (Peel Session 05/09/87)
Guest Informant (Peel Session 05/09/87)
Deadbeat Descendant (Peel Session 10/31/88)
Cab It Up (Peel Session 10/31/88)
Squid Lord (Peel Session 10/31/88)
Kurious Oranj (Peel Session 03/03/98) (Peel Session 10/31/88)
Chicago Now (Peel Session 01/01/99)
Black Monk Theme (Peel Session 01/01/99)
Hilary (Peel Session 01/01/99)
Whizz Bang (Peel Session 01/01/99)
The War Against Intelligence (Peel Session 03/23/91)
Idiot Joy Showland (Peel Session 03/23/91)
A Lot Of Wind (Peel Session 03/23/91)
The Mixer (Peel Session 03/23/91)
Free Range (Peel Session 02/15/92)
Kimble (Peel Session 02/15/92)
Immortality (Peel Session 02/15/92)
Return (Peel Session 02/15/92)
Ladybird (Green Grass) (Peel Session 03/13/93)
Strychnine (Peel Session 03/13/93)
Service (Peel Session 03/13/93)
Paranoia Man In Cheap Shit Room (Peel Session 03/13/93)
M5 (Peel Session 12/05/93)
Behind The Counter (Peel Session 12/05/93)
Reckoning (Peel Session 12/05/93)
Hey! Student (Peel Session 12/05/93)
Glam Racket Star (Peel Session 12/17/94)
Jingle Bell Rock (Peel Session 12/17/94)
Hark The Herald Angels Sing (Peel Session 12/17/94)
Numb At The Lodge (Peel Session 12/17/94)
He Pep! (Peel Session 12/22/95)
Oleano (Peel Session 12/22/95)
Chilinist (Peel Session 12/22/95)
The City Never Sleeps (Peel Session 12/22/95)
DIY Meat (Peel Session 08/18/99)
Spinetrak (Peel Session 08/18/99)
Spencer (Peel Session 08/18/99)
Beatle Bones N Smokin’ Stones (Peel Session 08/18/99)
Calendar (Peel Session 03/03/98)
Touch Sensitive (Peel Session 03/03/98)
Masquerade (Peel Session 03/03/98)
Jungle Rock (Peel Session 03/03/98)
Bound Soul One (Peel Session 11/04/98)
Antidotes (Peel Session 11/04/98
Shake Off (Peel Session 11/04/98)
This Perfect Day (Peel Session 11/04/98)
Theme From Sparta FC (Peel Session 03/13/03)
Contraflow (Peel Session 03/13/03)
Groovin’ With Mr Bloe (Peel Session 03/13/03)
Green Eyed Loco Man (Peel Session 03/13/03)
Mere Pseud Mag Ed (Peel Session 03/13/03)
Job Search (Peel Session 08/14/04)
Clasp Hands (Peel Session 08/14/04)
Blindness (Peel Session 08/14/04)
What About Us (Peel Session 08/14/04)
Wrong Place, Right Time > I Can Hear The Grass Grow (Peel Session 08/14/04)
Live At Deeply Vale Juni 2005 (CD, Live at the People's Free Festival at Deeply Vale 22 July 1978)
Psycho Mafia
Rebellious Jukebox
Stepping Out
Like To Blow
Mess Of My
Industrial Estate
It's The New Thing
Futures And Pasts
Music Scene
Medley: Psycho Mafia/Dresden Dolls/Industrial Estate (studio ore rehearsal)
I Can Hear The Grass Grow September 2005 (7")
I Can Hear The Grass Grow
Clasp Hands
Fall Heads Roll Oktober 2005 (CD)
Ride Away
Pacifying Joint
What About Us?
Midnight In Aspen
Aspen Reprise
I Can Hear The Grass Grow
Bo Demmick
Clasp Hands
Early Days of Channel Fuhrer
Breaking The Rules
Trust In Me
Mixing It session Recorded 13 October 2005, first broadcast 10 February 2006


Midnight In Aspen
Pacifying Joint
MES interview

Mark E Smith - vocals
Ben Pritchard - guitar
Steven Trafford - bass
Spencer Birtwistle - drums
Eleanor Poulou - keyboards, Hammond organ, celeste

Ghostigital "In Cod We Trust" März 2006 (CD)
Not Clean (Mark Smith: vocals)
Permanent Years (Paranoia Man In Cheap Sh*t Room) Mai 2006 (CD)
Ladybird (Green Grass) (from The Infotainment Scan)
Rainmaster (from Cerebral Caustic)
Behind The Counter (from Middle Class Revolt)
Why Are People Grudgeful? (from Why Are People Grudgeful?)
Glam Racket (from The Infotainment Scan)
City Dweller (from Middle Class Revolt)
Service (from The Infotainment Scan)
War (from Middle Class Revolt)
Three Points (from The Twenty Seven Points)
The Aphid (from Cerebral Caustic)
The Remixer (from Why Are People Grudgeful?)
Bonkers In Phoenix (from Cerebral Caustic)
Cab Driver (from Behind The Counter)
The $500 Bottle Of Wine (from Middle Class Revolt)
Paranoia Man In Cheap Sh*t Room (from The Infotainment Scan)
Life Just Bounces (from Cerebral Caustic)
Noel’s Chemical Effluence (from The Twenty Seven Points)
Ten Points (from The Twenty Seven Points)
Silver Monk Time Oktober 2006 (DoCD)

Higgle-dy Piggle-dy

Live At The Knitting Factory - New York - 9 April 2004 Januar 2007 (CD)
Horror In Clay
Middle Mass
Mere Pseud Mag Ed
Mountain Energei
I Can Hear The Grass Grow
Telephone Thing
Theme From Sparta FC
Janet, Johnny and James
Groovin' With Mr Bloe - Green Eyed Loco Man
Walk Like A Man
Mr Pharmacist
Mike's Love Xexagon - We Are Mod Mock Goth
I Am Damo Suzuki
Dr Buck's Letter
Loop 41
Live At The Garage - London - 20 April 2002 Januar 2007 (CD)
To Nkroachment: Yarbles
The Joke
Cyber Insekt
And Therein
Kick The Can - F'Oldin Money - Kick The Can
Bourgeois Town
Mr Pharmacist
Enigrammatic Dream - Ketamine Sun
I Wake Up In The City - My Ex Classmates Kids
Way Round
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