Rough Trade Diskografie Teil 12

Rough 1/LP/1979
Stiff Little Fingers "Inflammable Material"
Suspect Device/State of Emergency/Here We Are Nowhere/Wasted Life/No More of That/Barbed Wire Love//
White Noise/Breakout/Law and Order/Rough Trade/Johnny Was/Alternative Ulster/Closed Groove
Rough 2 - Troy 1/LP+7"/1979
Swell Maps "A Trip To Maineville"
H.S.Art/Another Song/Vertical Slum/Spitfire Parade/Harmony In Your Bathroom/Don't Throw Ashtrays At Me/Midget Submarines/Bridge Head (Part Nine)//
Full Moon In My Pocket/Blam!/Full Moon (Reprise)/Gunboats/Adventuring Into Basketry/My Lil' Shoppes 'Round The Corner/My Little Shops//
Loin Of The Surf/Doctor At Cake//
Steven Does/Bronze & Babby Shoes
Rough 3/LP/1979
The Raincoats "The Raincoats"
Fairytail in the supermarket/No side to fall in/Adventures close to home/Off duty trip/Black and White/Lola//
The Void/Life on the line/You're a million/In love/No looking
Rough 4/LP/1979
Cabaret Voltaire "Mix Up"
Kirlian Photograph/No Escape/Fourth Shot/Heaven And Hell/Eyeless Sight//
Photophobia/On Every Other Street/Expect Nothing/Capsules
Rough 5/LP/1979
Essential Logic "Beat Rhythm News (Waddle Ya Play?)"
Quality Crayon Wax OK/The Order Form (I Want To Order A Pelican)/Shabby Abbott/World Friction/Wake Up//
Albert/Alkaline Loaf In The Area/Collecting Dust/Popcorn Boy (Waddle Ya Do?)
Rough 6/LP/1979
Dr Mix & The Remix "Wall Of Noise"
Out of question/Grey lagoons/No Fun/Six dreams/I can't control myself//
Supermen/Sister Ray
Rough 7/LP/1979
Cabaret Voltaire "Live At The YMCA"
Untitled/On Every Other Street/Nag, Nag, Nag/The Set Up//
Expect Nothing/Havoc/Here She Comes Now/No Escape/Baader Meinhof
Rough 8/LP/1980, Rough 008LCD/CD/1990
Young Marble Giants "Colossal Youth"
Searching for Mr. Right/Include Me Out/The Taxi/Eating Noddemix/Constantly Changing/N.I.T.A./Colossal Youth/Music For Evenings//
The Man Amplifier/Choci Loni/Wurlitzer Jukebox/Salad Days/Credit in the Straight World/Brand - New - Life/Wind In The Rigging//
CD bonus tracks: Clicktalk/Zebra Trucks/Sporting Life/This Way/Posed By Models/The Clock
Rough 9 - Y2/LP/1989
The Pop Group "For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?"
Forces of Oppression/Feed the Hungry/One Out of Many (Last Poets arr.)/Blind Faith/How Much Longer//
Justice/There Are No Spectators/Communicate/Rob a Bank
Rough 10/LP/1980
The Fall "Totale's Turns (Live)"
Intro - Fiery Jack/Rowche Rumble/Muzorewi's Daughter/In my Area/Choc-Stock//
Spectre vs. Rector 2/Cary Grant's Wedding/That Man/New Puritan/No Xmas for John Quay
Rough 11/LP/1980
Cabaret Voltaire "The Voice Of America"
The Voice of America-Damage Is Done/Partially Submerged/Kneel to the Boss/Premonition//
This Is Entertainment/If the Shadows Could March?/Stay out of It/Obsession/News From Nowhere/Messages Received
Rough 12 - Y5/LP/1980
The Pop Group "We Are Time"
Trap/Thief of Fire/Genius or Lunatic/Colour Blind/Spanish Inquistion//
Kiss the Book/Amnesty Report/Springer/Sense of Purpose/We Are Time
Rough 13/LP/1980
The Raincoats "Odyshape"
Shouting out loud/Family treet/Only loved at night/Dancing in my head//
Odyshape/And then it´s O.K./Baby Song/Red Shoes/Go Away
Rough 14(CD)/LP, CD/1980, 1989
Pere Ubu "The Art Of Walking"
Go/Rhapsody In Pink/Arabia/Young Miles In The Basement/Misery Goats/Loop//
Rounder/Birdies/Lost In Art/Horses/Crush This Horn/Arabian Nights
Rough 15/LP/1980
Swell Maps "Jane From Occupied Europe"
Robot Factory/Let's Buy A Bridge/Border Country/Cake Shop/The Helicopter Spies/Big Maz In "The Desert From The Trolley"/Big Maz In The Desert/Big Empty Field/Mining Villages//
Collision With A Frogman.../...Vs. The Mangrove Delta Plan/Secret Island/Whatever Happens Next.../Blenheim Shots/A Raincoat's Room/Raining In My Room
Rough 16/LP/1980
James Blood Ulmer "Are You Glad To Be In America?"
Layout/Pressure/Interview/Jazz Is The Teacher (Funk Is The Preacher)/See-Through//
Time Out/T.V. Blues/Light Eyed/Revelation March/Are You Glad To Be In America?
Rough 17/onesided-LP/1980
Normal & Robert Rental "Live At West Runton"
Live//(2.Seite unbespielt)
Rough 18/LP/1981
The Fall "Grotesque"
Pay Your Rates/English Scheme/New Face in Hell/C'n'C-S Mithering/The Container Drivers//
Impression of J. Temperance/In the Park/W.M.C.-Blob 59/Gramme Friday/The N.W.R.A.
Rough 19/LP/1981
The Red Crayola with Art And Language "Kangaroo?"
Kangaroo?/Portrait Of V.I.Lenin In The Style Of Jackson Pollock Part1/Portrait Of V.I.Lenin In The Style Of Jackson Pollock Part2/Marches No's 23, 24, 25/Born To Win (Transactional Analysis With Gestalt Experiments)/Keep Your Friends/The Milk Maid/The Principles Of Party Organisation//
Prisoner's Model/The Mistakes Of Trotsky/1917/Track Driver/Plekhanov/An Old Man's Dream/If She Loves You
Rough (CD)20/LP, MC, CD/1982, 1986
Scritti Politti "Songs To Remember"
Asylums In Jerusalem/A Slow Soul/Jacques Derrida/Lions After Slumber/Faithless//
Sex/Rock-A-Boy Blue/Gettin' Havin' & Holdin'/The Sweetest Girl
Rough 21/DoLP/1980
Swell Maps "Whatever Happens Next......."
Read About Seymour (version)/Fashion Cult/Armadillo/(I Am) The Greatest Plumming!/Radio Ten/Here's The Cupboard (Thrash)/Terribly Insect/Midget Submarines (version)/Whatever Happens Next... (live)//
Clearasil Record (Stuck)/Blam!! (version)/Down With Tractors/Amphibious Landing Craft//
Paul's Dead/Sheep Dip/Havoc All Ended/The Himalayas//
You & The Night & The Music/The Stairs Are Like An Avalanche/Vertical Slum/Forest Fire/Midget Submarines/Armadillo/Bandits One Five
Rough 22/LP/1989
Pere Ubu "The Modern Dance"
Non-alignment Pact/Modern Dance/Laughing/Street Waves/Chinese Radiation//
Life Stinks/Real World/Over My Head/Sentimental Journey/Humor Me
Rough (CD)23/LP, CD/1981, 1989
Pere Ubu "390 Degrees Of Simulated Stereo"
Non-alignment Pact/Street Waves/Real World/My Dark Ages/Modern Dance/Humor Me//
Heart of Darkness/Laughing/Can't Believe It/Over My Head/Sentimental Journey/30 Seconds Over Tokyo
Rough 24/LP/1981
TV Personalities "And Don't The Kids Just Love It"
This Angry Silence/The Glittering Prizes/World Of Pauline Lewis/A Family Affair/Silly Girl/Diary Of A Young Man/Geoffrey Ingram//
I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives/Jackanory Stories/Parties In Chelsea/La Grande Illusion/A Picture Of Dorian Gray/The Crying Room/Look Back In Anger
Rough 25/LP/1980
The Gist "Embrace The Herd"
Far Concern/Love At First Sight/Fretting Away/Public Girls/Clean Bridges/Simian//
Embrace The Herd/Iambic Pentameter/Carnival Headache/Concrete Slopes/The Long Run/Dark Shots
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