Rough Trade Diskografie Teil 8

RT(T)176/7", 12"/1985
The Smiths
How Soon Is Now?//
Well I Wonder/Oscillate Wildly (12" only)
The Woodentops
Good Thing/Travelling Man
RTT177, MD 125289/12"/1986
The Woodentops
Good Thing (mix)/ Travelling Man (mix)
RT178(D)/7", 2x7" /1986
The Woodentops
Everyday Living (remix)/Why (remix)//
Bonus-Single: Move Me (remix)/Well Well Well (remix)
RTT178/12", 12"+7"/1986
The Woodentops
Everyday Living (exended mix)/Why (extended mix)//
Bonus-Single: Move Me (remix)/Well Well Well (remix)
The Woodentops
You Make Me Feel/Stop This Car
RTT179(CD)/12", MCD/1988
You Make Me Feel/Stop This Car (MCD only)/You Make Me Feel (Late Night Mix)//
Stop This Car (Motor Mix)
The Feelies "No One Knows"
The High Road/She Said, She Said//
Slipping (Into Something)/Sedan Delivery
RT(T)181/7", 12"/1985
The Smiths
Shakespeare's Sister//
What She Said/Stretch Out And Wait (12" only)
The Seers
Lightning Strikes//
Graveyard Of Love/Don't Get Hit
Sudden Sway "Autumn Cutback Job Lot Offer"
Fpro/dis/0224/4d (Gary Guerilla Household Militia)/Fpro/dis/0225/4d ("You" - On Capability Club)/Fpro/dis/0226/4d (Latest Autobation Rug)/Fpro/dis/0227/4d (Father's Eyes)//
Fpro/dis/0228/4d (Official Swaylook)/Fpro/dis/0229/4d (Desktop Germ Receiver)/Fpro/dis/0230/4d (The Classicana Poor-Door)/Fpro/dis/0231/4d (Packet Of Vacuum)
Arthur Russel
Let's Go Swimming (Coastal Dub)//
Let's Go Swimming (Gulf Stream Dub)/Let's Go Swimming (Puppy Surf Dub)
RT(T)185/7", 12"/1985
Birthday Girl//
Harmony Time/ Money For The Trams (12" only)
RT(T)186/7", 12"/1985
The Smiths
That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore//
Nowhere Fast (live) (12" only)/Stretch Out And Wait (live) (12" only)/Shakespeare's Sister (live) (12" only)/Meat Is Murder (live)
RT(T)187/7", 12"/1986
Princess Tinymeat
Angels In Pain/Put It There//
Devilcock! (12" only)
RT(T)188/7", 12"/1986
The Apartments
All You Wanted//
Sunset Hotel/Whats The Morning For? (12" only)/The Black Road Shines (12" only)
Richard H. Kirk "Ugly Spirit"
The Emperor/Infantile/Confession/Frankie Machine (Part One)//
Hollywood Babylon/Thai/Voodoo/Frankie Machine (Part Two)
Thomas Mapfumo & Blacks Unlimited
Hupenyu Wangu (All My Life)//
RT(T)191(CD)/7", 12", MCD/1985, 1988
The Smiths
The Boy With The Thorn In His Side//
Rubber Ring (12" + MCD only)/Asleep
RT(T)192/7", 12"/1986
The Smiths
Bigmouth Strikes Again//
Money Changes Everything/Unloveable (12" only)
RT(T)193(CD)/7", 12", MCD/1986, 1988
The Smiths
Vicar In A Tutu/The Draize Train (12" + MCD only)
RT(T)194(CD)/7", 12", MCD, MCS/1986, 1988
The Smiths
Cemetry Gates/Golden Lights (12", MCD + MCS only)
RT(T)195/7", 12"/1987
The Smiths
Shoplifters Of The World Unite//
London (12" only)/Half A Person
RT(T)196/7", 12"/1987
The Smiths
Sheila Take A Bow//
Is It Really So Strange?/Sweet And Tender Hooligan (12" only)
RT(T)197(C)/7", 12", MCD, MC/1987
The Smiths
Girlfriend In A Coma//
Work Is A Four Letter Word/I Keep Mine Hidden (12", MC, MCD only)
Songs are repeated on second side of MC
RT(T)198(C)/7", 12", MC/1987
The Smiths
I Started Something I Couldn't Finish//
Pretty Girls Make Graves/Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (live) (12" + MC only)/What's The World? (live) (MC only)
Songs are repeated on second side of MC
Richard H. Kirk
Hipnotic/Martyrs of Palestine
RT(T)200/7", 12", MCD/1987
The Smiths
Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me (edit)//
Rusholme Ruffians/Nowhere Fast (12" + MCD only)/William, It Was Really Nothing (MCD only)
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