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Rough (C/CD)76/LP, MC, CD/1984, 1987
The Smiths "Hatful Of Hollow"
William, It Was Really Nothing/What Difference Does It Make?/These Things Take Time/This Charming Man/How Soon Is Now?/Handsome Devil/Hand In Glove/Still Ill//
Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now/This Night Has Opened My Eyes/You've Got Everything Now/Accept Yourself/Girl Afraid/Back To The Old House/Reel Around The Fountain/Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
Rough 77/LP/1985
Float Up CP "Kill Me In The Morning"
Chemically Wet/He Loves Me (No No No)/The Loneliest Girl/Forever Party/Mad/Ghost Train Dive//
My Memory/Assassins/Secret Desire/Joy's Address/Sexy Bushes
Rough 78/DoLP, MC/1985
Linton Kwesi Johnson "In Concert"
Five Nights of Bleeding/Dread Beat an' Blood/Intro/All Wi Doin Is Defendin'/It Dread Inna Inglan//
Man Free/Want Fi Goh Rave/It Noh Funny/Forces of Vicktry//
Independent Intavenshan/Reggae Fi Peach/Di Black Petty Booshwah/New Craas Massahkah//
Reality Poem/Wat About Di Working Claas?/Di Great Insohreckshan/Making History
Rough 79/LP/1985
Del Fuegos "The Longest Day"
Nervous And Shakey/Backseat Nothing/I Should Be The One/Missing You/Anything You Want/When The News Is On//
Longest Day/Out For A Ride/Mary Don't Change/Have You Forgotten/Call My Name
Rough 80/LP/1985
David Thomas & Pedestrians "More Places Forever"
Through The Magnifying Glass/Enthusiastic/Whale Head King/Song of the Bailing Man//
Big Breezy Day/The Farmer's Wife/New Broom/About True Friends
Rough (C/CD)81/LP, MC, CD/1985
The Smiths "Meat Is Murder"
The Headmaster Ritual/Rusholme Ruffians/I Want The One I Can't Have/What She Said/That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore//
How Soon Is Now?/Nowhere Fast/Well I Wonder/Barbarism Begins At Home/Meat Is Murder
Rough 82/LP/1985
Horace Andy & Rhythm Queen "Elementary"
Hanging On To Jah/Love Is A Treasure/You're So Fine/Roll Away/Be My Queen/Elementary//
Can't Give Up On Love/Baby Don't Go/Hold Them/Eating Mess/Place I Want To Be/Ooh E Baby
Rough 83/LP/1985
Pere Ubu "Terminal Tower"
Heart of Darkness/Final Solution/Untitled/Heaven/The Book Is On The Table//
30 Seconds Over Tokyo/Cloud 149/My Dark Ages/Humor Me (live)/Not Happy/Lonesome Cowboy Dave
Rough 84/LP/1985
Chris & Cosey "Techno-Primitive"
Hazey Daze/Misunderstandings/Morning/Haunted Heroes/Stolen Kisses//
Shivers/He's An Arabian/Last Exit/Do or Die/Techno Primitiv
Rough 85/LP, MC/1985
Microdisney "The Clock Comes Down The Stairs"
Horse Overboard/Birthday Girl/Past/Humane/Are You Happy?//
Genius/Begging Bowl/A Friend With A Big Mouth/Goodbye- It's 1987/And
Rough 86/LP/1986
Vic Godard "T.R.O.U.B.L.E."
Holiday Hymn/The Devil's in League with You/Caribbean Blue/Nice on The Ice/Miss Sadie/Out of Touch//
Tidal Wave/Stop That Girl/20th Century Blues/Ice on The Volcano/Chain Smoking/I'm Going to Write a Musical
Rough (C/CD)87/LP, MC, CD/1986
The Woodentops "Giant"
Get It On/Good Thing/Give It Time/Love Train/Hear Me James/Love Affair With Everyday Livin'//
So Good Today/Shout/History/Travelling Man/Last Time/Everything Breaks
Rough 88/LP/1985
The Apartments "The Evening Visits"
Sunset Hotel/Mr. Somewhere/What's The Morning For?/All The Birthdays/Great Fool//
Speechless With Tuesday/Cannot Tell The Days Apart/Lazarus, Lazarus/The Black Road Shines
Rough 89/DoLP/1986
Ivor Cutler "Prince Ivor"
Silence/Ivor Cutler and ... the Mermaid//
Ivor Cutler and ... the Mole//vor Cutler and a Barber/Ivor Cutler and the Paperseller/Ivor Cutler and a Storeman//
Ivor Cutler and ... a Princess/A Miner Is Approached by Ivor Cutler/Ivor Cutler and ... his Dad//
A Sheet Metal Worker Is Approached by Ivor Cutler/Ivor Cutler and a Small Holder/Prince Ivor
Rough 90/LP/1986
David Thomas & The Wooden Birds "Monster Walks The Winter Lake"
My Theory Of Spontaneous Simultude-Red Tin Bus/What Happened To Me/Monster Walks The Winter Lake/Bicycle/Coffee Train//
My Town/Monster Magee/King of the Seas/Monster Thinks About The Good Days
Rough 91/LP, L4 Rough 91/MC/1986
Thomas Mapfumo & Blacks Unlimited "Chimurenga For Justice"
Tambazumba Nashe (Dance With The King)/Hupenyu Hwangu (All My Life)/Rumbidzai Mambo (Praise The King)//
Mugara Ndega (True Born Africa)/Marondera (A Town In Zimbabwe)/One Man One Woman
Rough 92/LP, MC/1986
Jonathan Richman & Modern Lovers "It's Time For Jonathan"
It's You/Let's Take A trip/This Love of Mine/Neon Sign/Double Chocolate Malted/Just About Seventeen//
Corner Store/The Desert/Yo Jo Jo (intrumental)/When I Dance/Shirin & Fahrad/Ancient Long Ago
Rough (CD)93/LP/1986 (not released?)/CD/1989
Pere Ubu "One Man Drives While The Other Man Screams (Live Vol II)"
Navvy/Street Waves/Heaven/On The Surface/Dub Housing/Caligari's Mirror/Small Was Fast//
Misery Goats/Go/Ubu Dance Party/Birdies/Rhapsody In Pink/Codex
Rough (CD)94/LP, MC, CD/1986
Easterhouse " Contenders"
Out On Your Own/Whistling In The Dark/Nineteen Sixty Nine/Cargo Of Souls/Lenin In Zurich//
Get Back To Russia/To Live Like This/The Boy Can Sing/Estates//
Get Back To Russia (bonus-7")
Rough 95/LP/1986
Camper Van Beethoven "Telephone Free Landslide Victory"
Border Ska/The Day that Lassie Went to the Moon/Wasted/Yanqui Go Home/Oh, No!/9 of Disks/Payed Vacation, Greece/Where the Hell is Bill?/Vladivostock//
Skinhead Stomp/Tina/Take the Skinheads Bowling/Mao Reminisces About His Days in Southern China/I Didn't See You/Balalaika Gap/Opi Rides Again - Club Med Sucks/Ambiguity Song
Rough (CD)96/LP, MC, CD/1986
The Smiths "The Queen Is Dead"
The Queen Is Dead-Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty/Frankly, Mr. Shankly/I Know It's Over/Never Had No One Ever/Cemetry Gates//
Bigmouth Strikes Again/The Boy With The Thorn In His Side/Vicar In A Tutu/There Is A Light That Never Goes Out/Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
Rough (CD)97, ReRoughCD001/LP, MC, CD/1987
Shelleyan Orphan "Helliborine"
Midsummer pearls and plumes/Epitaph Ivy and Woe/Blue black grape/One hundred hands//
Cavalry of cloud/Southern Bess-A field holler/ Anatomy of love/Helleborine/Jeremiah/Seeking bread and heaven/Melody of Birth
Rough 98/LP/1986
Ivor Cutler "Gruts"
I'm happy/Gruts for tea/A red flower/Shoplifters/How to make a friend/Fish fright/Darling, will you marry me twice/Scratch my back/Egg meat//
Mud/Old cups of tea/The judge's parcel/I had a little boat/The hoorgi house/A steady job/In my room there sits a box/The dirty dinner
Rough (C)99/LP, MC/1986
Richard H. Kirk "Black Jesus Voice"
Streetgang (It Really Hurts)/Hipnotic/Boom Shala//
Black Jesus Voice/Martyrs Of Palestine/This Is The H-Bomb Sound/Short Wave//
MC bonus tracks: The Emperor/Infantile/Confession/Frankie Machine (Part One)/Hollywood Babylon/Thai/Voodoo/Frankie Machine (Part Two)
Rough 100/LP, MC/1986
The Age of Chance "From Now On,This Will Be Your God"/A Witness "Sharpened Sticks"/Big Flame "New Way"/The Bodines "Therese"/Bogshed "Run To The Temple"/Close Lobsters "Firestation Towers"/Fuzzbox "Console Me"/Half Man Half Biscuit "I Hate Nerys Hughes (From The Heart)"/The MacKenzies "Big Jim"/McCarthy "Celestial City"/Miaow "Sport Most Royal"//
The Mighty Lemon Drops "Happy Head"/Mighty Mighty "Law"/The Pastels "Breaking Lines"/Primal Scream "Velocity Girl"/The Servants "Transparent"/Shop Assistants "It's Up To You"/The Shrubs "Bullfighter's Bones"/The Soup Dragons "Pleasantly Surprised"/Stump "Buffalo"/The Wedding Present "This Boy Can Wait"/The Wolfhounds "Feeling So Strange Again"
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