Rough Trade Diskografie Teil 14

Rough 51/LP/1984
Bill Laswell "Baselines"
Activate/Work song/Hindsight/Uprising/Barricade//
Upright man/Moving target/Lowlands/Conservation
Rough 52/LP/1984
Jonathan Richman & Modern Lovers "Jonathan Sings!"
That Summer Feeling/This Kind Of Music/The Neighbors/Somebody To Hold Me/Those Conga Drums//
Stop This Car/Not yet Three/Give Paris One More Chance/You're the One For Me/When I'm Walking
Rough 53/LP/1984
The Dream Syndicate "The Days Of Wine & Roses"
Tell Me When It's Over/Definitely Clean/That's What You Always Say/Then She Remembers/Halloween//
When You Smile/Until Lately/Too Little Too Late/The Days Of Wine And Roses
Rough (LCD)54/LP, CD/1984, 1990
Go-Betweens "Before Hollywood"
A Bad Debt Follows You/Two Steps Step Out/Before Hollywood/Dusty In Here/Ask//
Cattle And Cane/By Chance/As Long As That/On My Block/That Way
Rough 55/LP/1984, CD/19??
Violent Femmes "Violent Femmes"
Blister in the Sun/Kiss Off/Please Do Not Go/Add It Up/Confessions//
Prove My Love/Promise/To The Kill/Gone Daddy Gone/Good Feeling//
CD bonus tracks: Ugly/Gimmie the Car
Rough 56/LP/1984
Vic Godard & The Subway Sect "A Retrospective (1977-81)"
Nobody's Scared/Don't Split it/Chain Smoking/Parallel Lines/Ambition/Double Negative//
Head Held High/Stool Pigeon/A Different Story/Spring is Grey/Watching The Devil/Stop That Girl
Rough 57/LP/1984
"Nipped In The Bud"
Young Marble Giants "Final Day"/"Radio Silents"/"Cakewalking"/"This Way"/"Posed By Models"/"The Clock"/"Clicktalk"/"Zebra Trucks"/"Sporting Life"//
The Gist "This Is Love"/"Yanks"/"Love at First Sight"/ Weekend "The View From Her Room"/"Leaves of Spring"/"Past Meets Present"/"Midnight Slow"s/"Drumbeat for Baby"/"Sleepy Theory"
Rough 58/LP/1983
Virginia Astley "From Gardens Where We Feel Secure"
Morning: With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming/Morning: A Summer Long Since Past/Morning: From Gardens Where We Feel Secure/Morning: Hiding in the Ha-Ha//
Afternoon: Out On the Lawn I Lie In Bed/Afternoon: Too Bright For Peacocks/Afternoon: Summer Of Their Dreams/Afternoon: When The Field Were On Fire/Afternoon: It's Too Hot To Sleep
Rough 59/LP/1983
Ivor Cutler & Linda Hirst "Privilege"
Sit Down/Use A Brick/Home Is The Sailor/For Practice/A Doughnut In My Hand/Fair's Fair/Killer Bee (Jungle Tip)/Whale Badge/Blue Bear/Creamy Pumpkins/Counting Song/My Darling/Life In a Scotch Sitting Room Vol.2 (Episode 15)/Mostly Tins/Tomato Brain/Bad Eye/Silent "S"/Halfway Through/Look At The Moon//
Old Black Dog/The Gathering Doubt/Pussy On The Mat/Large & Puffy/People Run To The Edge/Country Door/Piranhas (Jungle Tip)/Brenda/I Love You But I Don't Know What I Mean/Breathing Regularly/Life in a Scotch Sitting Room Vol.2 (Episode 16)/Full Of Goods/Ok, I'll Count To 8/Secret Drinker/Pass The Ball Jim (for John Peel)/Over You Go/Step It Out Lively, Boys/Uncut Moquette/Women Of The World
Rough 60/LP/1983
David Thomas & The Pedstrians "Variations On A Theme"
A Day At The Botanical Gardens/ Pedestrian Walk/Bird Town/The Egg & I/Who Is It?//
Song Of Hoe/ Hurry Back/The Rain/Semaphore
Rough (C/CD)61/LP, MC, CD/1983, 1986
The Smiths "The Smiths"
Reel Around The Fountain/You've Got Everything Now/Miserable Lie/Pretty Girls Make Graves/The Hand That Rocks The Cradle//
This Charming Man/Still Ill/Hand In Glove/What Difference Does It Make?/I Don't Owe You Anything/Suffer Little Children
Rough 62/LP/1984
The Fall "Peverted By Language"
Eat Y'self Fitter/Neighbourhood of Infinity/Garden/Hotel Bloedel//
Smile/I Feel Voxish/Tempo House/Hexen Definitive-Strife Knot
Rough 63/LP/1984
Dislocation Dance "Midnight Shift"
Show Me/I'm Doing Fine/Here Comes Love/Remind Me/Tyrannies Of Fun/Open Cages//
Baby Blue/With A Reason/Mr. Zak/Bottle Of Red Wine/Midnight Shift/San Michelle
Rough 64/LP/1984
Chris & Cosey "Songs Of Love & Lust"
Love Cuts/Walking Through Heaven/Lament/Talk To Me//
Gardens of The Pure/Raining Tears of Blood/Chiron/Tantalize
Rough 65/LP/1984
James Blood Ulmer "Part-Time"
Part Time/Little Red House/Love Dance//
Encore/Are You Glad To Be In America?/Swings & Things/Mr. Tight Hat
Rough 66/LP/1983
The Raincoats "Moving"
OOH OOH LA LA LA/Dreaming in the past/Mouth of a story/Honey mad woman/Raystorm/Dance of Hopping mad//
Baloon/I saw a hill/Overheard/The body/Avidoso/Animal Rhapsody
Rough 67/LP/1983
Rank And File "Sundown"
Amanda Ruth/(Glad Im) Not in Love/Rank and File/The Conductor Wore Black/Sundown//
I Went Walking/Lucky Day/I Dont Go Out Much Anymore/Coyote
Rough 68/LP/1984
Shockabilly "Colosseum"
Our Daily Lead/BYOB Club/Roman Man/Too Big For It's Cage/Eight Miles High/Dang Me//
Secret Of The Cooler/Hattiesburg, Miss./You Dungeon My Brain/Homeward Bound/National Bummer
Rough (CD)69/LP/1984, 1986
Robert Wyatt "Old Rottenhat"
Alliance/United States of Amnesia/East Timor/Speechless/Age of Self//
Vandalusia/British Road/Mass Medium/Gharbzadegi/P.L.A.
Rough 70/LP/1984
Rainy Day "Rainy Day"
I'll Keep It With Mine/John Riley/Flying On The Ground Is Wrong/Sloop John B./Soon Be Home//
Holocaust/On The Way Home/I'll Be Your Mirror/Rainy Day, Dream Away
Rough 71/LP/1984
Los Lobos "...And A Time To Dance"
Let's Say Goodnight/Walking Song/Anselma/Come On Let's Go//
How Much Can I Do?/Why Do You Do/Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio
Rough 72/LP, MC/1985
Jonathan Richman & Modern Lovers "Rockin' And Romance"
The Beach/My Jeans/Down In Bermuda/The U.F.O. Man/I Must Be King/Vincent Van Gogh/Walter Johnson//
I'm Just Beginning To Live/The Fenway/Chewing Gum Wrapper/The Baltimores/Up In The Sky Sometime/Now Is Better Than Before
Rough 73/LP/1985
Regular Music "Regular Music"
Idyllic Rhythms/Hyppolyte And Aricie/The Fourth Door (Dub)//
Neapolitan Sixth (Part 1)/Neapolitan Sixth (Part 3)/The Third Dream/The Fourth Door
Rough 74/LP, MC/1985
Gregory Isaacs "Live At The Brixton Academy"
My Number One/My Only Lover/All I Ask Is Love/Love Overdue/Mr Brown/Storm/Slavemaster//
Border/Soon Forward/Oh What A Feeling/Sunday Morning/Addicted To You/Frontdoor
Rough 75/LP, MC/1984
Microdisney "Everybody Is Fantastic"
Idea/A Few Kisses/Escalator In The Rain/Dolly/Dreaming Drains/I'll Be A Gentleman/Moon//
Sun/Sleepless, Come On Over And Cry/This Liberal Love/Before Famine/Everybody Is Dead
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