Rough Trade Diskografie Teil 18

Rough 151/LP, MC, CD/1990
Souled American "Around The Horn"
Around The Horn/Second Of All/Old Old House/Durante's Hornpipe/Rise Above It//
Six Feet Of Snow/Willdawg/I Keep Holding Back The Tears/You/Luggy Di/In The Mud
Rough 152/LP, MC, CD/1990
Dave Ray & Tony Glover "Ashes In My Whiskey"
Uncertain Blues/Stuff You Sell/If You Haven't Any Hay/Staring at the Ceiling/In the Jailhouse Now/Devil Got My Woman/HIV Blues (For Susan Lee Winter 1948-1990)/Mean Old Lonesome Train/I'm Through With Love/Gravel Road/Elegy #2/Ashes in My Whiskey/Catfish Blues
MC+CD-bonus tracks: I Been Watching You/Mattie Mae
Rough 153/LP, MC, CD/1991
The Butthole Surfers "piouhgd"
Revolution Part 1/Revolution Part 2/Lonesome Bulldog/Lonesome Bulldog II/The Hurdy Gurdy Man/Golden Showers//
Lonesome Bulldog III/Blindman/No, I'm Iron Man/Something/P.S.Y./Lonesome Bulldog IV
CD bonus track: Barking Dogs
 Rough 154 -nicht vergeben-
Rough 155/LP, MC, CD/1990
Band Of Holy Joy "Positively Spooked"
Real Beauty Passed Through/Evening World Holiday Show/Because It Was Never Resolved/Unlikely Girl/Shadows Fall/Bitten Lips//
Here It Comes/Hot Little Hopes/Freda Cunningham/Torch Me/Positively Spooked/Look Who's Changed With The Times  
Rough 156 (L/CD/CDL)/LP, MC, CD/1990
Galaxie 500 "This Is Our Music"
Fourth of July/Hearing Voices/Spook/Summertime/Way Up High//
Listen, the Snow Is Falling/Sorry/Melt Away/King of Spain, Part Two
 Rough 157 -nicht vergeben-
Rough (CD)158/LP, MC, CD/1990
Mazzy Star "She Hangs Brightly"
Halah/Blue Flower/Ride It On/She Hangs Brightly/I'm Sailin//
Give You My Lovin/Be My Angel/Taste Of Blood/Ghost Highway/Free/Before I Sleep
Rough (CD)159/LP, CD/1990
The Velvet Monkeys "Rake"
We Call It Rock/ She's Not A Girl/ The Ballad Of "Rake"/ Something's In The Air/ Velvet Monkey Theme Song//
Rock The Night/ Harmonica Hell House/ Love To Give/ 7 Angels/ Rock Party/Velvet Monkey Theme (Assassin Mix) (CD bonus track)
Rough (C/CD)255/DoLP, MC, CD/1988
The Smiths "Louder Than Bombs"
Is It Really So Strange?/Sheila Take A Bow/Shoplifters Of The World Unite/Sweet And Tender Hooligan/Half A Person/London//
Panic/Girl Afraid/Shakespeare's Sister/William, It Was Really Nothing/You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby/Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now//
Ask/Golden Lights/Oscillate Wildly/These Things Take Time/Rubber Ring/Back To The Old House//
Hand In Glove/Stretch Out And Wait/Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want/This Night Has Opened My Eyes/Unloveable/Asleep
"NME/Rough Trade C-81"
The "Sweetest Girl" - Scritti Politti/Twist and Crawl Dub - The Beat/Misery Goats - Pere Ubu/7,000 Names of Wah! - Wah! Heat/Blue Boy - Orange Juice/Raising the Count - Cabaret Voltaire/Kebab Traume Live - D.A.F/Bare Pork - Furious Pig/Raquel - Specials/I Look Alone - Buzzcocks/Fanfare In The Garden - Essential Logic/Born Again Cretin - Robert Wyatt//
Shouting Out Loud - Raincoats/Endless Soul - Josef K/Low Profile - Blue Orchids/Red Nettle - Virgin Prunes/We Could Send Letters - Aztec Camera/Milkmaid - Red Crayola/Don't Get In My Way - Linx/The Day My Pad Went Mad - The Massed Carnaby St John Cooper Clarkes/Jazz Is The Teacher, Funk Is The Preacher - James Blood Ulmer/Close To Home - Ian Drury/Greener Grass - Gist/Parallel Lines - Subway Sect
Cabaret Voltaire "Live at the Lyceum"
Taxi Music/Seconds Too Late/Your Agent Man/Untitled/Sluggin' fer Jesus//
Kneel to the Boss/Obsession/A Thousand Ways
  Tape5 Copy003/MC/1981
The Raincoats "Odyshape"
Shouting out loud/Family treet/Only loved at night/Dancing in my head//
Odyshape (The title is actually a painting of seven matchstick men)/And then it´s O.K./Baby Song/Red Shoes/Go Away
Wire "Document And Eyewitness"
5/10/12XU (fragment)/Underwater Experiences/Everything's Going To Be Nice/Piano Tuner (Keep Strumming Those Guitars)/We Meet Under Tables/ZEGK HOQP/Eastern Standard/Instrumental (Thrown Bottle)/Eels Sang Lino/Revealing Trade Secrets/And Then.../Coda/Go Ahead/Ally In Exile/Relationship/Underwater Experiences/Witness To The Fact/Two People In A Room/Our Swimmer/Heartbeat
The Red Crayola with Art And Language "Kangaroo?"
Kangaroo?/Portrait Of V.I.Lenin In The Style Of Jackson Pollock Part1/Portrait Of V.I.Lenin In The Style Of Jackson Pollock Part2/Marches No's 23, 24, 25/Born To Win (Transactional Analysis With Gestalt Experiments)/Keep Your Friends/The Milk Maid/The Principles Of Party Organisation/Born In Flames//
Prisoner's Model/The Mistakes Of Trotsky/1917/Track Driver/Plekhanov/An Old Man's Dream/If She Loves You/The Sword Of God
Scritti Politti????
Virgin Prunes "A New Form of Beauty 4"
“Din Glorious”//“Din Glorious” (Extracts from a performance at their “A New Form of Beauty 5” exhibition at the Douglas Hyde Gallery, Trinity College Dublin, on 8 November 1981)
Chris & Cosey "Heartbeat"
Put Yourself In Los Angeles/Just Like You/Voodoo/Moorby/Radio Void/This Is Me/Pressure drop//
Manic Melody (Hairy Beary)/Useless Information/Moving Still/Bust Stop/Heartbeat/Tight Fit
Throbbing Gristle "Beyond Jazz Funk"
Invocation/Summoning/Rite of Death/Persuasion/Still Walking/Eclipse (for Tanith)//
Murder of thee Abyss/Tokyo Summer/Spirits Flying/Discipline/Termination
Rough SO1, RR 9987/LP/1982
Spizzenergi "Spizzhistory"
Spizzoil "6000 Crazy"/"1989"/"Fibre"/"Cold City"/"Red & Black"/"Solarisation (Shun)"/"Platform 3"/Spizzenergi "Soldier Soldier"/"Virginia Plain"//
Spizzenergi "Where's Captain Kirk?"/"Amnesia"/Athletico Spizz 80 "No Room"/"Spock's Missing"/Spizzenergie:2 "Work"/"Megacity:3"
ERT 1007/LP/1984, in association with Earthworks
Thomas Mapfumo And The Blacks Unlimited "Mabasa"
Ndanzwa Ngoma Kurira (I Hear The Sounds Of Drumming)/Mari (Money)/Mabasa (Work)//
Chemera Chaunoda (Ask What You Want)/Usatambe Nenyoka (Don't Play With A Snake)/Muchoni (The Self-Exil)
Freerange 1/LP/1986
"Here's Egg On Your Face!"
Camper Van Beethoven "Take The Skinheads Bowling"/Jonathan Richman "Shirin And Fahrad"/David Thomas "Coffee Train"/Easterhouse "Johnny I Hardly Knew You"//
Youssou N'Dour "The Rubberband Man"/Thomas Mapfumo "Hupenyu Wangu (All My Life)"/Vic Godard "Stop That Girl"/The Apartments "All You Wanted"
Op US 1/LP/1988
"The Flower-Fed Buffaloes"
Miracle Legion "Wunderment"/They Might Be Giants "She's An Angel"/Yung Wu "Aspiration"/Opal "Revalation"/Camper Van Beethoven "Good Guys And Bad Guys"/The Feelies "The Good Earth"//
Opal "Happy Nightmare Baby"/The Feelies "On The Roof"/Miracle Legion "Mr. Mingo"/They Might Be Giants "Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head"/Camper Van Beethoven "I Love Her All The Time"/Yung Wu "Shore Leave"
Oneman1LP/LP, Oneman1C/MC/1989
James "One Man Clapping"
Chain Mail/Sandman (Hup-Springs)/Whoops/Riders/Leaking/Why So Close/Ya Ho (CD-bobus-track)//
Johnny Yen/Scarecrow/Are You Ready/Really Hard/Burned/Stutter
 PROMO 2/MC/1989
"The Rough Trade Summer Collection 1989"
A.R. Kane "Love From Outer Space"/Craig Davies "Chrome Sweet Chrome"/James "Sit Down"/Shelleyan Orphan "Shatter"/The Wygals "Her Heart"/Souled American "Cup Of Coffee"/Two Nice Girls "My Heart Crawls Off"/
/Unknown Cases "Masimbabele 89"/Pere Ubu "Ubu Dance Party"/Opal "Empty Box Blues"/The Sundays "Can't Be Sure"/Miracle Legion "Ladies From Town"/Easterhouse "Redbird"/Sandie Shaw "A Girl Called Johnny"
Cabaret Voltaire "The Golden Moments Of Cabaret"
Do the Mussolini/Nag Nag Nag/Photophobia/Expect Nothing/Seconds Too Late/This is Entertainment/Obsession/Sluggin' fer Jesus/Landslide/Red Mask/Get Out of My Face
RCD6002/CD, 1989
Pere Ubu "Dub Housing"
Navvy/On The Surface/Dub Housing/Caligari's Mirror/Thriller!/I, Will Wait/Drinking Wine Spodyody/Ubu Dance Party/Blow Daddy-o/Codex
Pere Ubu "New Picnic Time"
The Fabulous Sequel/49 Guitars & One Girl/A Small Dark Cloud/Small Was Fast/All the Dogs Are Barking/One Less Worry/Make Hay/Goodbye/The Voice Of The Sand/Kingdom Come
"A Constant Source Of Interruption"
The Smiths "How Soon Is Now"/Aztec Camera "Oblivious"/Prefab Sprout "Lions in My Own Garden"/Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers "That Summer Feeling"/Shelleyan Orphan "Anatomy Of Love"/Girls At Our Best "Politics"/Rainy Day "I'll Keep it with Mine"/The Stars Of Heaven "The Lights Of Teotuan"/The Woodentops "Move Me"/Arthur Russel "Le's Go Swimming"/Easterhouse "Whistling In The Dark"/Vic Goddard "Stop that girl"/Weekend "View from her room"/Daniel Binttii "River"/The Raincoats "No-One's Little Girl"/Robert Wyatt "Shipbuilding"
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