Rough Trade Diskografie Teil 13

Rough 26/LP/1981
This Heat "Deceit"
Sleep/Paper Hats/Triumph/S.P.Q.R./Centotaph/Shrink Wrap//
Radio Prague/Makeshift Swahili/Independence/A New Kind Of Water/hi baku shyo
Rough 27/LP/1981
Cabaret Voltaire "Red Mecca"
A Touch Of Evil/Sly Doubt/Landslide/A Thousand Ways//
Red Mask/Split Second Feeling/Black Mask/Spread The Virus/A Touch Of Evil (Reprise)
Rough 28/LP/1980
Lora Logic "Pedigree Charm"
Brute Fury/Horrible Party/Stop Halt/Wonderful Offer/Martian Man//
Hiss and Shake/Pedigree Charm/Rat Alle/Crystal Gazing"
Rough 29+Rough 2912/LP+12"/1981
Wire "Document & Eye Witness"
5/10/12XU (fragment)/Underwater Experiences/Everything's Going To Be Nice/Piano Tuner (Keep Strumming Those Guitars)/We Meet Under Tables//
ZEGK HOQP/Eastern Standard/Instrumental (Thrown Bottle)/Eels Sang Lino/Revealing Trade Secrets/And Then.../Coda//
Go Ahead/Ally In Exile/Relationship/Underwater Experiences//
Witness To The Fact/Two People In A Room/Our Swimmer/Heartbeat
Rough 30/LP/1981
David Thomas & The Pedestrians "The Sound Of The Sand"
The Birds Are Good Ideas/ Yiki Tiki/ The Crickets In The Flats/Sound Of The Sand/The New Atom Mine//
Big Dreams/Happy To See You/Crush This Horn, Pt. 2/Confuse Did/Sloop John B./Man's Best Friend
Rough 31/LP/1981
Zounds "The Curse Of The Zounds"
Fear/Did He Jump/Unfree Child/Mommy's Gone/Little Bit More/This Land//
New Band/Dirty Squatters/Loads Of Noise/Target/Mr. Disney/War
Rough 32/LP/1981
Tav Falco's Panther Burns "Behind The Magnolia Curtain"
Come On Little Mama/She's The One That Got It/Hey High School Baby/Brazil/You're Undecided/Ooee Baby/River Of Love//
Snake Drive/Blind Man/Where The Rio De Rosa Flows/Snatch It Back/Bourgeois Blues/St. Louis Blues/Moving On Down The Line
Rough (CD)33/LP, CD/1981, 1989
Pere Ubu "Song Of The Bailing Man"
The Long Walk Home/Use Of A Dog/Petrified/Stormy Weather/West Side Story/Thoughts That Go By Steam//
Big Ed's Used Farms/A Day Such As This/The Vulgar Boatman Bird/My Hat/Horns Are A Dilemma
Rough 34/LP/1981
Chris & Cosey "Heartbeat"
Put Yourself In Los Angeles/This Is Me/Voodoo/Moorby/Radio Void/Just Like You//
Bust Stop/Useless Information/Moving Still/Manic Melody (Hairy Beary)/Heartbeat
Rough 35(CD)/LP, CD/1981. 1983, 1986
Robert Wyatt "Nothing Can Stop Us"
Born Again Cretin/At Last I Am Free/Caimanera/Grass/Stalin Wasn't Stalling/Shipbuilding (not 1981 release)//
Red Flag/Strange Fruit/Arauco/Trade Union/Stalingrad
Rough 36/LP/1982
The Blue Orchids "The Greatest Hit (Money Mountain)"
Sun Connection/
Dumb Magician/Tighten My Belt/A Year With No Head/Hanging Man/
Bad Education/Wait/No Looking Back/Low Profile/Mad As The Mist And Snow
Rough 37/LP/1982
New Lucky Boys "Jane"/Kid Bera-Bera and Mister King Jerroo "Katanga Country"/unknown "Nobamba"/unknown "Wilburforce"/S. Tshabalala "Bonakele"/unknown "Saulsville"/New Lucky Boys "Indoda"//
Steven Phiri "Malangabi D-One"/S. Tshabalala "Ukwenza Kwendoda"/John Motha "Zulu Boy"/unknown "Queen Shikwambani"/Elfas Zondi "Umkumbani"/Saul Malapane and Mister King Jerroo "Here We Come"/A. M'Kosane "Amaswati Special"
Rough 38/LP/1981
The Mighty Diamonds "Changes"
Pass The Kouchie/All I Have Is Love/Revolution/ Love Is Never Hard To Find/Wanna Be With You//
No Crying No Bawling/Fancy Lady(Party Time/Your Heart's Desire/Hurting Inside
Rough 39/LP, MC/1982
Weekend "La Varieté"
The End of the Affair/Weekend Stroll/Summerdays/Carnival Headache/Drumbeat for Baby/A Life In The Day Of… (part 1)//
A Life In The Day Of… (part 2)/Sleepy Theory/Woman’s Eyes/Weekend Off/Red Planes/Nostalgia
MC bonus tracks: A View From Her Room/Leaves of Spring/Past Meets Present/Midnight Slows/Drumbeat for Baby (12" mix)
Rough LCD 39/CD/1990
A View From Her Room/Leaves of Spring/Past Meets Present/Midnight Slows/Drumbeat for Baby (12" mix)/Weekend Stroll/Summerdays/Carnival Headache/Drumbeat for Baby/A Life In The Day Of… (part 1)/A Life In The Day Of… (part 2)/Sleepy Theory/Woman’s Eyes/Weekend Off/Red Planes/Nostalgia/Where Flamingos Fly (live)
Rough 40/LP/1982
Robert Wyatt "The Animals Film"
The Animals Film (part 1)//
The Animals Film (part 2)
Rough 41/LP/1982
Swell Maps "Collision Time"
Read About Seymour/Ammunition Train/Full Moon (dub)/Full Moon In My Pocket/Blam!/Full Moon (Reprise)/Real Shocks/Midget Submarines/Let's Build A Car//
...Then Poland/Secret Island/Whatever Happens Next.../Big Maz In The Desert/Big Empty Field7Blenheim Shots/A Raincoat's Room/Raining In My Room
Rough 42/2x12"/1982
Cabaret Voltaire "2 x 45"
Breathe Deep/Yashar//
Protection/War Of Nerves (J.E.S.)//
Wait And Shuffle//
Get Out Of My Face
Rough 43/LP/1982
Liliput "Liliput"
Do You Mind My Dream/In A Mess/Birdy/Feel Like Snakes, Twistin Through The Fog/Tschik-Mo//
Outburst/Umamm/Might Is Right/Like Or Lump It/Ichor/Tong-Tong
Rough 44/LP, MC/1982
Chris & Cosey "Trance"
Cowboys in Cuba/Lost/The Giants feet/Impulse//
Secret/Re-Education Through Labour/Until/The Gates of Ancient Cities
Rough 45/LP/1982
Go-Betweens "Send Me A Lullabye"
Your Turn, My Turn/One Thing Can Hold Us/People Know/The Girls Have Moved/Midnight To Neon/Eight Pictures//
Careless/All About Strength/Ride/Hold Your Horses/Arrow In A Bow/It Could Be Anyone
Rough 46/LP/1983
Jazzateers "Jazzateers"
Sixteen Reasons/Heartbeat/Nothing At All/First Blood/Looking for a Girl//
Baby That's a No No/Once More With Feeling/Texan/Show Me the Door/Something to Prove
Rough (CD)47/LP, MC/1983/CD, 1991
Aztec Camera "High Land Hard Rain"
Oblivious/The Boy Wonders/Walk Out To Winter/The Bugle Sounds Again/We Could Send Letters/Pillar To Post//
Release/Lost Outside The Tunnel/Back On Board/Down The Dip/Haywire/Orchid Girl/Queen's Tattoos
Rough 48/LP/1983
Shockabilly "Earth Vs Shockabilly"
Day Tripper/Are You Experienced?/Burma Shave/City Of Corruption/Bluegrass Breakdown/Party House Part 3 In 3D/People Are Strange//
Psychedelic Basement/Purple Haze/19th Nervous Breakdown/Tennessee Flat Top Box/Oh Yoko/Big Money Broad/Wrestling Woman
Rough (LCD)49/LP, CD/1982, 1990
Virgin Prunes "If I Die, I Die"
Ulakanakulot/Decline And Fall/Sweethome Under White Clouds/Bau-Dachong/CD bonus track: Pagan Lovesong//
Baby Turns Blue/Ballad Of The Man/Walls Of Jericho/Caucasian Walk/Theme For Thought
Rough 50/LP/1983
Jah Shaka "Revelation Songs"
Revelation 18/Runaway/Got To Survive/Rastaman/My Song//
Lion Youth/Moving On/Conquering Lion/All Will Be Well/Give Thanks And Praise
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