Rough Trade Diskografie Teil 10

Miracle Legion
You're The One Lee/Ladies From Town//
Johnny's Dilemma/You're The Only
The Assassins
Where's Joey Gone//
Ladies From Town/Johnny's Dilemma/You're The Only
RT(T)228/7", 12"/1990
My Jealous God
Everything About You (The Knowledge) (12" only)//
Everything About You/Evolew
RTT228R, RTT228CD/12", MCD/1990
My Jealous God
Everything About You (La Locomotive)/In Her Eyes/Everything About You/Everything About You (The Knowledge) (MCD only)
A.R. Kane
Listen Up! (Quasar Mix)/Listen Up! (Pulsar Mix)
RT(T)230/7", 12"/1988
Sandie Shaw
Nothing Less Than Brilliant//
I Love Peace/Where Were You (12" only)
Sandie Shaw
Nothing Less Than Brilliant (Special Mix)//
I Love Peace/Where Were You
Sandie Shaw
Nothing Less Than Brilliant (Special Mix)/I Don't Owe You Anything/Where Were You/I Love Peace
RT(T)231/7", 12" /1988
A.R. Kane "Love Sick"
Green Hazed Daze/Sperm Travels Like Juggernaut (12" only)//
Is This Is?/Is This Dub? (12" only)
Lucinda Williams
Passionate Kisses/Something About What Happens
Lucinda Williams
Passionate Kisses/Side Of The Road//
Nothing In Rambling/Disgusted
The Band Of Holy Joy
Evening World Holiday Show//
Broken Hearts Battered Minds/Jack Mark II
 RT234 -nicht vergeben-
RTM235LP, RTM235CD/LP, CD/1990
Two Nice Girls "Like A Version"
I Feel (Like Makin') Love/Bang Bang/Top Of The World//
Speed Racer/Cotton Crown/I Spent My Last $10.00 (On Birth Control And Beer)
RT(T)236/7", 12"/1989
Helter Skelter
Last Train//
Lay Me Down (12" only)/Dragons
RT(T)237/7", 12"/1989
This Picture
Naked Rain//
Rape The Hillside/Decide (12" only)
My Jealous God
Pray (Edit)/What You Want (Edit)
RTT238(CD)/12", MCD/1990
My Jealous God
Pray (Edit) (MCD" only)/Pray/Just Like Mine/What You Want (Edit)/Pray (Beats)
A.R. Kane
Pop/What's All This Then
A.R. Kane
Pop (Long Version)//
Pop (Short Version)/What's All This Then
A.R. Kane
Pop (Long Version)/What's All This Then/Snow Joke/Pop (Short Version)
 RTT239/12"/1989, promo
A.R. Kane
Pop [Extended Version]/What's All This Then? [Dub]/Snow Joke/Pop
The Butthole Surfers
Hurdy Gurdy Man/Barking Dogs
RTT240(CD)/12", MCD/1990
The Butthole Surfers
The Hurdy Gurdy Man//
The Hurdy Gurdy Man (Re-Mix By Paul Leary)/Barking Dogs
The Butthole Surfers
The Hurdy Gurdy Man (remix 1)//
The Hurdy Gurdy Man (remix 2)/
The Hurdy Gurdy Man (remix 3)
RTT241(CD)/12", MCD/1990
The Boo Radleys
Kaleidoscope/How I Feel//
RT(T)242(CD)/7", 12". MCD/1990
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine
Anytime Anyplace Anywhere//
Re-educating Rita/Alternate Title (12" + MCD only)/Randy Sarf Git (12" + MCD only)
RTT243(CD)/12", MCD/1990
The Band Of Holy Joy
Real Beauty Passed Through/Chantal//
Happy Go Lucky (12" only) /Lonely Cottage (Instrumental)
 RT244 -nicht vergeben-
RTT245(CD)/12", MCD/1989
Come Home (Long Version)//
Come Home (7" Version)/Promised Land/Slow Right Down (Demo Version)
RTT246(CD)/12", MCD/1990
Galaxie 500
Blue Thunder/Victory Garden//
Ceremony/Cold Night
 RT247 -nicht vergeben-
 RT248 -nicht vergeben-
RTT249(CD)/12", MCD/1990
Galaxie 500
Fourth Of July/Here She Comes Now
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