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Rough (C/CD)101, 4504674/LP, MC, CD/1987
The Smiths " The World Won't Listen"
Panic/Ask/London/Bigmouth Strikes Again/Shakespeare's Sister/There Is A Light That Never Goes Out/Shoplifters Of The World Unite/The Boy With The Thorn In His Side/Money Changes Everything//
Asleep/Unloveable/Half A Person/Stretch Out And Wait/That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore/Oscillate Wildly/You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby/Rubber Ring/Golden Lights
Rough 102/LP/1986
Soul Asylum "Made To Be Broken"
Tied To The Tracks/Ship Of Fools/Can't Go Back/Another World, Another Day/Made To Be Broken/Never Really Been//
Whoa!/New Feelings/Growing Pains/Long Way Home/Lone Rider/Ain't That Though/Don't It (Make Your Troubles Seem Small)
Rough 103/LP/1986
"Luxury Condos Coming To Your Neighbourhood Soon"
The Wygals "Sleep With Angels"/Rage To Live "Enough Is Never Enough"/Trigger And The Thrill Kings "Devil's Train"/Scruffy The Cat "Big Fat Monkey's Hat"/Last Roundup "Just A Little Is Enough"/Yo La Tengo "Private Doberman"/The Trypes "A Plan Revised"/Mr. Bonus "Elvis, What Happened?"//
Gut Bank "Dreamland"/Deep Six "Stay Right Here"/Kilkenny Cats "Nightfall"/Myra Holder "John Calvin"/Syd Straw "Listening To Elvis"/The Jacks "Ask For Jill - 3D"/Raunch Hands "Never Comin' Home"
Rough 104/LP/1986
The Feelies "The Good Earth"
On The Roof/The High Road/The Last Roundup/Slipping (into something)/When Company Comes//
Let's Go/Two Rooms/The Good Earth/Tomorrow Today/Slow Down
Rough 105/LP/1986
Beat Happening "Beat Happening"
Foggy Eyes/Bad Seeds/I Let Him Get To Me/I Spy/Run Down The Stairs//
In Love With You Thing/I Love You/Down At The Sea/Our Secret/What's Important/Fourteen/Bad Seeds (Live)
Rough (C/CD)106(P)/LP, picture-LP, MC, CD/1987
The Smiths " Strangeways Here We Come"
A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours/I Started Something I Couldn't Finish/Death Of A Disco Dancer/Girlfriend In A Coma/Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before//
Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me/Unhappy Birthday/Paint A Vulgar Picture/Death At One's Elbow/I Won't Share You
Rough 107/LP, MC/1986
Dip In The Pool "Silence"
Rabo Del Sol/View/Spring From The Surface/Silence//
Hasu No Enishi/Dormir/Sur Le Pois/Again - Dip In The Pool
Rough 108/LP/1987
Princess Tinymeat "Herstory"
Lucky Bag/Angels In Pain (12" version)/Sloblands/A Bun In The Oven/Jay Gone Bimbo//
Put It There (12" version)/The Fairest Of Them All/Wigs On The Green/Devilcock!
Rough 109/LP/1986
Camper Van Beethoven "Camper Van Beethoven"
Good Guys & Bad Guys/Jo Stalin's Cadillac/Five Sticks/Lulu Land/Une Fois/We Saw Jerry's Daughter/Surprise Truck/Stairway To Heavan//
The History Of Utah/Still Wishing To Course/We Love You/Hoc Yourself Down/Peace & Love/Folly/Interstellar Overdrive/Shut Us Down
Rough (CD)110/LP, MC, CD/1988
Sandie Shaw "Hello Angel"
Nothing Less Than Brilliant/Hello Angel/Take Him/Girl Called Johnny/Strange Bedfellow/Please Help The Cause Against Loneliness//
Hand In Glove (remix)/Cool About You/Flesh And Blood/Comrade In Arms/I Will Remain
Rough 111/LP/1987
Tirez Tirez "Social Responsibility"
Somebody Tell Me/In Your Own Back Yard/My Mistake/Paper Boy/Edge Town//
Wake Up/See My Problem/Spin Your Wheels/Uptight
Rough 112/LP, MC/1987
Miracle Legion "Suprise Suprise Suprise"
Mr. Mingo/All For The Best/Paradise/Truly/Storyteller//
Country Boy/Crooked Path/Everyone In Heaven/Wonderment/Little Man
Rough 113/LP/1987
Stars Of Heaven "Rain On The Sea"
Sacred Heart Hotel/Talk About It Now/Moonstruck/So You Know/Never Saw You//
Widow's Walk/You Only Say What Anyone Could/Folksong/Man Without A Shadow/Before Holyhead/Someone's Getting Tired Of You
Rough 114/LP/1987
Arthur Russell "World Of Echo"
Tone Bone Kone/Soon-To-Be Innocent Fun-Let's See/Answers Me/Being It/Place I Know-Kid Like You/She's The Star-I Take This Time//
Tree House/See-Through/Hiding Your Present From You/Wax The Van/All-Boy All-Girl/Lucky Cloud/Tower Of Meaning-Rabbit's Ear-Home Away From Home/Let's Go Swimming
Rough 115/LP/1987
They Might Be Giants "They Might Be Giants"
Everything Right Is Wrong Again/Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head/Number Three/Don't Let's Start/Hide Away Folk Family/32 Footsteps/Toddler Hiway/Rabid Child/Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes//
(She Was A) Hotel Detective/She's An Angel/Youth Culture Killed My Dog/Boat Of Car/Absolutely Bill's Mood Guitar/Chess Piece Face/I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die/Alienation's For The Rich/The Day/Rhythm Section Want Ad
Rough 116/LP, MC, CD/1987
Opal "Happy Nightmare Baby"
Rocket Machine/Magick Power/Relevation/A Falling Star/She's A Diamond//
Supernova/Siamese Trap/Happy Nightmare Baby/Soul Giver
Rough (C)117/LP, MC, CD/1987
The Woodentops "Live Hypnobeat Live"
Well Well Well/Love Train/Travelling Man/Get It On/Plenty/MC bonus track: Last Time)//
Why/Everyday Living/Good Thing/Everything Breaks/Move Me/MC bonus track: Plutonium Rock
Rough 118/LP/1987
Yung Wu "Shore Leave "
Shore Leave/The Empty Pool/Aspiration/Spinning/Big Day//
Eternal Ice/Strange Little Man/Return To Zion/Child Of The Moon/Powderfinger/Modern Farmer
Rough 119(CD), ReRoughCD005/LP, MC, CD/1988
A.R. Kane "69"
Crazy Blue/Suicide Kiss/Baby Milk Snatcher/Scab/Sulliday//
Dizzy/Sperm Whale Trip Over/The Sun Falls Into The Sea/The Madonna Is With Child/Spanish Quay (3)
Rough 120/LP/1987
David Thomas & the Wooden Birds "Blame The Messenger"
My Town/A Fact About Trains/King Knut/When Love Is Uneven/The Storm Breaks//
The Long Rain/Having Time/Friends of Stone/The Velikovsky 2-Step
Rough (CD)121/LP, CD/1988
Stars Of Heaven "Speak Slowly"
Unfinished Dreaming/Little England/What Else Could You Do/Paradise Of Lies/2 O'Clock Waltz//
28/Lights Of Tetouan/Leave As You Came/Every Other Day/Three Kings Day/Ghost Cars
CD bonus tracks: Clothes Of Pride/Never Saw You/Widow's Walk/Before Holyhead
Rough (CD)122/LP, CD/1988
Craig Davies "Like Narcissus"
Like Narcissus/My Dearest Polly/Head/Euston Railway Station Blues/Back To The Sticks//
Rainy City/The Big Bad Voodoo Man/Jennifer Holliday/Magic/Beat Poem/The Adventure
Rough 123/LP, DAT/1987
Camper Van Beethoven "Camper Van Beethoven II & III"
Abundance/Cowboys From Hollywood/Sad Lovers Waltz/Turtlehead/I Love Her All The Time/No Flies On Us/Down And Out/No Krugerrands For David/(Don't You Go To) Goleta/4 Year Plan//
(We're A) Bad Trip/Circles/Dustpan/Sometimes/Chain Of Circumstance/ZZ Top Goes To Egypt/Cattle (Reversed)/Form Another Stone/No More Bullshit
Rough 124(CD)/LP, MC, CD/1989
Easterhouse "Waiting For The Red Bird"
Waiting For The Redbird/You're Gonna Miss It (When It's Gone)/Stay With Me (Death On The Dole)/Come Out Fighting//
America/Hope And Glory/Say Yes/This Country/Sweatshop
Rough (CD)125/LP, MC, CD/1989
The Band Of Holy Joy "Manic, Magic, Majestic"
Route To Love/Baubles, Bangles, Emotional Tangles/Nightjars/Tactless/You've Grown So Old In My Dreams/Killy Car Thieves/CD-Bonus-track: Where It Hurts//
Bride/Manic, Magic, Magestic/What The Moon Saw/You're Not Singing Anymore/Blessed Boy
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