Rough Trade Diskografie Teil 7

The Enemy Within "Support The Miners"
Strike/Strike (General Mix)
The Enemy Within "Support The Miners"
Strike (extended)/Strike (General Mix) (extended)
RT(T)152/7", 12"/1984
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
That Summer Feeling//
This Kind Of Music/The Tag Game (12" only)
The Raincoats
Animal Rhapsody/Version (Dennis Bovell Mix)
No Ones Little Girl/Honey Mad Woman
RT(T)154/7", 12"/1984
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
I'm Just Beginning To Live//
Circle I/Shirin And Fahrad (12" only)
Microdisney "We Hate You South African Bastards"
Helicopter Of The Holy Ghost/Michael Murphy/Love Your Enemies/Fiction Land//
Pink Skinned Man/Patrick Moore Says You Can't Sleep Here/Hello Rascals/Pretoria Quickstep
RT(T)156(CD)/7", 12", MCD/1984
The Smiths
Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now//
Girl Afraid (12" + MCD only)/Suffer Little Children
Doug Wimbish featuring Fats Comet
Don't Forget That Beat/Freak Out
Virginia Astley
Melt The Snow//
Instrumental 1/The End Of Time
Fats Comet
Stormy Weather/Dub Storm
Princess Tinymeat
Sloblands/The Fairest Of Them All
RT(T)161/7", 12"/1986
Camper Van Beethoven
Take The Skinheads Bowling//
Cowboys From Hollywood (12" only)/Epigram (12" only)/Atkuda (12" only)/Epigram (12" only)/Colonel Enrique Adolfo Bermudez
Horace Andy "Elementary"//
The Rhythm Queen "Primary (Version)"
Princess Tinymeat
A Bun In The Oven/Wigs On The Green
RT(T)164/7", 12"/1985
Whistling In The Dark//
Ain't That Always The Way (Apocalypse)/Confrontation (12" only)
RT(T)165/7", 12"/1985
The Woodentops
Move me//
Do It Anyway/Steady Steady (12" only)
RT(T)166/7", 12"/1984
The Smiths
William, It Was Really Nothing//
How Soon Is Now? (12" + MCD only)/Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
RT(T)166(CD)/7", 12, MCD/1987
The Smiths
William, It Was Really Nothing/How Soon Is Now?/Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want (12" + MCD only)
RT(T)167/7", 12"/1985
The Woodentops
Well, Well, Well//
Get It On/Cold Inside (12" only)
Robert Wyatt & Swapo Singers
The Wind Of Change/Naimibia
Robert Wyatt & Swapo Singers
The Wind Of Change (extended)/Naimibia (extended)
RT(T)169/7", 12"/1985
The Woodentops
It Will Come/
Special Friend/Plutonium Rock (12" only)
RT(T)170/7", 12"/1986
Shelleyan Orphan
Cavalry Of Cloud//
Tangled Perpetual/One Hundred Hands (for Strings) (12" only)
RTT171(CD)/onesided-promo-12", MCD/1985, 1988
The Smiths
Barbarism Begins At Home//
Shakespeare's Sister (MCD only)/Stretch Out And Wait (MCD only)
Horace Andy
Get Down/Get Down Deeper
Stars Of Heaven "Sacred Heart Hotel"
Sacred Heart Hotel/Talk About It Now/Moonstruck/So You Know//
You Only Say What Anyone Would Say/Folksong/Man Without A Shadow
RT(T)174/7", 12"/1986
Inspiration/Easter Rising (12" only)//
Nineteen Sixty Nine (12" only)/Johnny I Hardly Knew You
Microdisney "In The World"
Loftholdingswood/Teddy Dogs//
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