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Rough (CD)126/LP, MC, CD, DAT/1988
The Smiths "Rank"
The Queen Is Dead/Panic/Vicar In A Tutu/Ask/Rusholme Ruffians-(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame/The Boy With The Thorn In His Side//
What She Said-Rubber Ring/Is It Really So Strange?/Cemetry Gates/London/I Know It's Over/The Draize Train/Still Ill/Bigmouth Strikes Again
Rough (CD)127/LP, MC,CD/ 1989
The Woodentops "Wooden Foot Cops On The Highway"
Maybe It Won't Last/They Can Say What They Want/You Make Me Feel/Wheels Turning//
Stop This Car/Heaven/What You Give Out/Tuesday Wednesday/In A Dream
Rough (CD)128/LP, MC, CD/1989
Opal "Early Recordings"
Empty Box Blues/She's A Diamond/My Only Friend/Empty Bottles/Grains Of Sand/Brigit On Sunday//
Northern Line/Strange Delight/Fell From The Sun/Harriet Brown/Lullabye/All Souls
CD bonus track: Hear The Wind Blow
Rough 129/LP, MC/1989
"Distant Voices, Still Lives (Film Soundtrack)"
Shipping Forecast/I Get the Blues When it Rains/There's a Man Goin' Round Takin' Names/My Yiddishe Momma/In the Bleak Mid-Winter/Limelight/Taking a Chance on Love (excerpt)/Barefoot Days/('Cause I Love You) That's-A-Why/Buttons and Bows/A Pastoral Symphony (No.3)/A Hymn to the Virgin//
Sunday Radio Sequence The Finger of Suspicion Points at You (excerpt)/Two-Way Family Favourites, The Billy Cotton Band Show, and Beyond Our Ken (excerpts)/ The Birthday of the Little Princess/Dreamboat/Brown Skin Girl/That Old Gang of Mine/I Want a Girl (Just Like the Girl that Married Dear Old Dad)/Mississippi Honeymoon/I Wanna Be Around/The Glums (excerpt)/I Love the Ladies/On the Road to Anywhere/Love is a Many Splendored Thing/The Isle of Innisfree/The Candy Store on the Corner/My Thanks to You for All You mean To Me/O Mein Papa/O Waly Waly
Rough 130/LP, MC, CD/1989
Lucinda Williams "Lucinda Williams"
I Just Wanted To See You So Bad/The Night's Too Long/Abandoned/Big Red Sun Blues/Like A Rose/Changed The Locks//
Passionate Kisses/Am I Too Blue/Crescent City/Side Of The Road/Price To Pay/I Asked For Water (He Gave Me Gasoline)
Rough 131/LP, MC, CD/1989
Souled American "Fe"
Notes Campfire/Field & Stream/Soldier's Joy/Full Picture/Make Me Laugh Make Me Cry/Fisher's Hornpipe/CD-bonus-track: Tall Boy Blues//
Magic Bullets/Lottery Brazil/Goin' Home/She Broke My Heart/Feel Better/CD-bonus-track: Feel Better
Rough (CD)132/LP, MC, CD/1990
Craig Davies "Groovin On A Shaft Cycle"
Angelica Divine/Chrome Sweet Chrome/Groovin' On A Shaft Cycle/The Only Rose On Marigold Street/Another Rock 'n' Roll Song/Waltz?//
Boogie?/Since You Touched My Heart/Sugar Cand And Seas/I'll Be With You/Gladhill/Amsterdam
Rough 133/LP/1988
Sudden Sway "76 Kids Forever"
The Phoenix Family Protection Plan/Solo - Store Detective Man/Barmy Army/So, You're Alright Then?/I've Got A Tinnitron Amusement Centre/Only A Grebo/Reverend Peter, Bio-Teacher//
Once In Every Weekend/Trisha Listen/Ballad Of Brancaster/Never In Netherton/76 Kids Forever/Hush Puppy Yummy
Rough (C/CD)134/LP, MC, CD/1989
The Wygals "Honyocks In The Whithersover"
Her Heart/Passion/Creature Comforts/The Falls/Try//
Honyocks In The Whithersoever/Slap Me Like A Wave/Lonely/Sleep With The Angels/Darken My Doorway/Paradise
MC + CD bonus track: The Room
Rough CD)135/LP, MC, CD/1989
Two Nice Girls "2 Nice Girls"
The Sweet Postcard/Follow Me/Goons/Money/I Spent My Last $10.00 (On Birth Control And Beer)//
Sweet Jane (With Affection/My Heart Crawls Off/Looking Out/Heaven On Earth/Kick
CD bonus track: The Holland Song
Rough 136/LP, MC, CD/1989
Miracle Legion "Me & Mr Roy"
The Ladies From Town/And Then?/Old & New/Sailors And Animals/If She Could Cry//
Pull The Wagon/You're The One Lee/Even Better/Cold Shoulder Balcony/Gigantic Transatlantic Trunk Call
Rough 137(CD), ReroughCD002/12", MC, CD/1989
Shelleyan Orphan "Century Flower"
Shatter/Timeblind/Tar baby/Self/Summer flies//
The silent day/Century flower/Amanita Muscaria/Between two waves/A few small hours
Rough 138/LP, MC, CD/1989
Scrawl "He's Drunk"
1=1/Green Beer/Ready/Breaker, Breaker/For Your Sister/ Believe//
I Feel Your Pain/Let It All Hang Out/Small Day/Rocky Top/Which One Are You?/Major-Minor
Rough (C)139(CD), ReRoughCD004/DoLP, MC, CD/1989
A.R. Kane "I"
Hello/A Love From Outer Space/Crack Up/Timewind/What's All This Then?/Snow Joke /Off Into Space//
And I Say/Yeti/Conundrum/Honeysuckleswallow/Long Body/In A Circle//
Fast Ka/Miles Apart/Pop /Mars/Spook/Sugarwings//
Back Home/Down/Supervixens/Insect Love/Sorry/Catch My Drift/Challenge
Rough 140/Lp, MC, CD/1990
Victoria Williams "Swing The Statue"
Why Look At The Moon/Boogieman/Clothesline/Tarbelly And Featherfoot/On Time/Holy Spirit//
Summer Of Drugs/I Can't Cry Hard Enough/Wobbling/Vieux Amis/Weeds/Lift Him Up
Rough (CD)141/LP, MC, CD/1989
Souled American "Flubber"
All Good Things/Mar'boro Man/Wind To Dry/Drop In The Basket/ Heywire/ The Torch Singer (CD bonus track)/True Swamp//
Marleyphine Hank (CD bonus track)/You And You Alone/Cupa Cowfee/Over The Hill/Zillion/Why Are You
Rough 142(CD)/LP, CD/1990
Sudden Sway "Ko Opera"
Yves St. Raisa (League Of The Unfashioned)/Slumberlands Great Story Of Devotion (League Of The Incomplete)/Faerie Liquidateur (League Of The Violated)/Junior Showtime (League Of The Uninformed)//
Klub Londinium 20-30 (League Of The Delirious)/BeJamboree Jam (League Of The Nouveau Poore)/Byron Chocolatheoria (League Of The Postal Modernists)/18th Anniversary Of Amazement Day (League Of The Disappointed)
Rough (CD)143/LP, MC, CD/1990
The Clean "Vehicle"
Draw(in)g to a (W)hole/I Wait Around/Bye Bye/The Blue/Dunes/Someone/Home//
Diamond Shine/Getting to You/Big Soft Punch/Big Cat/I Can See/Gem
Rough 144/LP, CD/1990
Walter Salas Humara "Lagartija"
Carol/About Her Steps/Two Voices/September/Cuba//
Promises/Bridge/You Look Like Sheila/Don't Go Home/Wide Open
Rough 145/LP, CD/1990
Beat Happening "Black Candy"
Other Side/Black Candy/Knick Knack/Pajama Party In A Haunted Hive/Gravediggers Blues//
Cast A Shadow/Bonfire/T.V. Girl/Playhouse/Ponytail
Rough (CD)146/LP, MC, CD/1989
Galaxie 500 "On Fire"
Blue Thunder/Tell Me/Snowstorm/Strange/When Will You Come Home//
Decomposing Trees/Another Day/Leave The Planet/Plastic Bird/Isn't It A Pity
Rough 147(CD)/LP, MC, CD/1989
Straitjacket Fits "Hail"
Dialling A Prayer/All That That Brings/Hail/Sparkle That Shines/She Speeds//
So Long Marianne/Grate/Fabulous Things/Life Is One Chord/This Taste Delight
Rough 147/CD/1989
Straitjacket Fits "Hail"
Dialling A Prayer/Telling Tales/Dead Heat//Hail/Only You Know/She Speeds/Sparkle That Shines/Take From The Years/ So Long Marianne/Grate/Fabulous Things//All That That Brings/Life Is One Chord/This Taste Delight
Rough (C/CD)148(P)/LP, picture-LP, MC, CD, DAT/1990
The Sundays "Reading, Writing and Arithmatic"
Skin & Bones/Here's Where The Story Ends/Can't Be Sure/I Won/Hideous Towns//
You're Not The Only One I Know/ A Certain Someone/I Kicked A Boy/My Finest Hour/Joy
Rough 149/LP, MC, CD/1990
Pussy Galore "Historia De La Musica Rock"
Dedication/Revolution Summer/Will You Still Have Me/Don't Jones Me/(Do) The Snake/Song At The End Of The Side//
Ship Comin' In/Mono! Man/Eric Clapton Must Die/Crawfish/Drop Dead
Rough (CD)150/LP, MC, CD/1990
Scrawl "Smallmouth"
Begin/Charles/Enough/Rot/Out Of Mind//
Absolute Torture/Hymn/Tell You What/Time To Come Clean/I Need You
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